Chiron’s latest IRIS Touch USB re-flash tool lets installers work faster

Chiron’s latest IRIS Touch USB re-flash tool
Chiron’s latest IRIS Touch USB re-flash tool

Chiron’s latest IRIS Touch USB re-flash tool

In response to demand from alarm engineers Chiron Security Communications has introduced a rapid firmware upgrade solution for its best-selling IRIS Touch AoIP signalling range.

The new Chiron USB Re-flash tool speeds up installation and maintenance visits by allowing engineers to upgrade IRIS Touch units in less than a minute.

All IRIS Touch products are flash upgradable and as such can benefit from the added values and functionalities, regardless of their age or time of deployment. The latest IRIS Touch firmware versions even automatically check whether there is a newer version available and propose that the installer download this.

Via an IP connection the download of the IRIS Touch firmware takes about 3 minutes so the whole upgrade process is finalised within 5 minutes. However, via GPRS the download takes anything between 5 minutes and 45 minutes, depending on network availability and signal strength.

“Customers provided us with the feedback that this is simply taking too long,” says Wim Harthoorn, Chiron’s CEO.

So in response to market demand Chiron developed the USB Re-flash tool. The USB re-flash tool allows installers to simply connect the IRIS Touch unit to a PC/laptop and run the application.

“The upgrade process is fully automated from there and takes less than a minute,” says Wim Harthoorn.

The IRIS Touch USB re-flash tool and concise user manual are available for download from Chiron’s website,

“No matter how big our passion for technology, our ears are even bigger when it comes to customer feedback and demands for new requirements,” adds Wim Harthoorn.

“The input of our customers is what makes our Alarm over IP products a perfect fit within the industry. The goal of our continued R&D is improving functionality and adding more value for the user.”


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