Chiron unveils new IRIS Touch Home alarm-over-IP unit

“No more bulky batteries, just one sleek unit with 24 hours-plus runtime after mains failure”

Chiron Security Communications has unveiled a landmark new product for the residential/SME alarm market with the launch of IRIS Touch Home, a compact, powerful signalling unit boasting slim-line power backup.

A first-of-a-kind for the alarms market, the IRIS Touch Home addresses growing demand for cost-effective, compact Alarm-over-IP (AoIP) devices specifically designed for unobtrusive installation in home and small business premises.

The new unit, which is based on the popular IRIS Touch 100 and Touch 200 ranges, maintains Chiron’s technical lead in the expanding AoIP sector.   It offers all the benefits and features of the existing IRIS diallers, including remote access for Upload/Download.

The IRIS Touch Home is now available in three forms: the Home 00 for GPRS; the Home 20 for IP; and the Home 40 for Dual Path.

The new IRIS Touch Home delivers constant power backup using NiMH rechargeable batteries, which have less impact on the environment than disposable cells and are widely available.

This product provides the end-user with significantly improved alarm back-up without the need for bulky batteries which can put-off residential customers. Instead, in a single, sleek unit the IRIS Touch Home provides up to 24 hours runtime after mains failure.

NiMH batteries, when fully charged, will carry their charge for years, providing increased efficiency and economy over the less efficient batteries more commonly used today in the security industry.

Intelligent software for power control allows this unit to give 24 hours backup, with full line monitoring and alerting for a Grade2/3 system.

Independently certified to EN50131/6, the IRIS Touch Home 40 provides network resilience through dual back up communicating via GPRS and IP.

“The IRIS Touch Home range comes with power back-up providing best of breed of technology, improved security and efficiency,” says Ian Tredinnick, Chairman of Chiron Security Communications.

“What’s more, the device offers all the features of the IRIS Secure Apps systems usually found in commercial and high security grades.”

The new IRIS Touch Home units deliver the standard of security normally only found in Grade 4 systems.


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