Chemring Technology Solutions demonstrates world first

At this year’s Security and Policing Show, Chemring Technology Solutions will be demonstrating GINCAN – the world’s first miniaturised GPS anti-jamming protection and detection product.

Illegal GPS jamming equipment is being used increasingly by criminals, particularly for car or cargo thefts, hijackings, and to counter police surveillance operations. GINCAN is a small bolt-on module that protects GPS enabled equipment from being jammed. With just a 48mm x 48mm footprint, GINCAN is the smallest size, weight and lowest power solution available on the market today.

GINCAN also detects GPS jamming activity, and can be used to alert security personnel of a potential threat, allowing them to take evasive action to protect people or assets. GINCAN can be deployed on both static and mobile platforms, and can also assist law enforcement teams to identify the location of illegal jamming activity.

GINCAN can support a wide range of scenarios to counter the proliferating GPS jamming threat, including:
Criminal surveillance – by integrating GINCAN with GPS-based devices, surveillance operations and offender monitoring stations can ensure they never lose track of assets.
Protection of VIPs – by detecting a sustained jamming event, GINCAN gives drivers valuable reaction time to avoid a potential criminal attack.
Security of high-value cargo – GINCAN will maintain the GPS position fix of a tracker device. This allows stolen assets to be located without the knowledge of the offenders who believe they have kept their movements hidden.

Martin Ward, Product Manager, Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “The availability and proliferation of jamming devices has provided criminals with the perfect opportunity to prevent individuals, assets and valuable cargo from being tracked. GPS jammers are the tool of choice for criminal gangs stealing high-value assets; they also offer tagged offenders the ability to become untrackable by the authorities. GINCAN can help protect GPS enabled devices – increasing response and recovery rates.

“Thanks to our many years of experience developing GPS protection technology for the military, Chemring Technology Solutions is now able to offer jammer protection and detection at a reduced size, weight, power and cost. The technology to combat this growing problem is now an affordable option that can be easily integrated into equipment that is used by the police and security services,” concluded Ward.


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