Chemring Technology Solutions demonstrates RESOLVE 3 surveillance solutions at LAAD 2019

Chemring Technology Solutions resolve

Chemring Technology Solutions (CTS) will showcase the third generation RESOLVE Manpack Electronic Surveillance System, at LAAD 2019 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

LAAD runs from 2-5 April 2019 and is the most prestigious and well recognised international defence exhibition and conference in the South America, demonstrating the latest technology across land, sea, air and digital sectors of defence.

Appearing as part of Chemring Group and alongside Roke, the company’s Research and Development (R&D) division, LAAD attendees can view demonstrations of RESOLVE’s capabilities, and its Electronic Support software applications.

RESOLVE is the most operationally proven manpack electronic support system, developed in the UK and designed for any operational environment. RESOLVE is successfully deployed in regions of South America and around the world, providing a modular, scalable EW system for the interception and geolocation of tactical communications.

It provides operators with access to the HF/VHF and UHF frequency spectrum offering 40MHz instantaneous bandwidth, unrivalled intercept capabilities and rapid survey and monitoring of the EM spectrum through the use of its Prefix software.

Prefix maximises operator efficiency through three main workflows; Spectral Survey, Scanning-Survey and Monitor with automated, customised tools to support each workflow. Prefix provides real time direction finding to all active transmissions within the 40MHz stare.

When used in On-the-march configuration, operators can switch to RESOLVE’s Tacfix application, operated via an Android Tablet. The software is designed to be as simple to use as possible, allowing operators to fight while still carrying out the EW mission.

Prefix and Tacfix work seamlessly together, sharing target and ignore lists and enabling operators to seamlessly and rapidly transition between deployments.

Joining the CTS team on the Chemring Group stand, Roke will showcase its capabilities in Innovation and Enabling Information Advantage.

Speaking ahead of the event, Eric Herron, Regional Manager at Chemring Technology Solutions, said: “RESOLVE 3 is the result of years of experience, research and development, and insights from across a wide range of operating environments. Key to RESOLVE’s success, is our relationship with customers in the EW industry. This allows us to continuously develop and deliver solutions to fit the customer’s needs. The important relationship between CTS and Roke continues to advance these efforts through innovation in research and development.”

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