Charity Vision secured by Honeywell wireless security system

Charity Vision secured by Honeywell wireless security system

Charity Vision secured by Honeywell wireless security system

The Customer
Vision is a Christian charity based in Rossendale, Lancashire, which aims to build a more positive youth culture. The charity was first established in 2002 and is run entirely by volunteers, who provide events, education opportunities, and support for local children and young people. Its premises, Woodlea Mission, is a converted chapel on a residential street in Rossendale.

The Situation
When the local community first gifted the 126 year old chapel to Vision, it was in a poor state of repair, with no existing utilities. Like many conversions the building has an untraditional layout, with a number of small rooms on different levels that can be accessed by staircases at each end of the building.

With limited funds, the charity set about refurbishing the building and creating a modern community centre. Following extensive building work, the charity decided to install a wireless security system to secure the premises and protect staff and visitors.

With no staff permanently on site, the charity needed a security system that would allow them to remotely monitor the premises. The security system would also need to accommodate a number of different users who would have access to the alarm code.

“When researching a wireless security solution, we looked at a number of systems from different companies. We needed a system that could be monitored remotely, but was also easy to operate by any person,” said Nathan Shepherd, Director of Vision.

The SolutionCharity Vision secured by Honeywell wireless security system
After careful consideration, Vision decided that Honeywell’s Le Sucre® wireless security system best suited its needs. In addition to the intruder alarm control panel, the charity required a number of peripherals, including a wireless PIR motion sensor with built-in camera, a typical wireless PIR motion sensor as well as a wireless internal sounder, wireless bell box, wireless door contacts, and SMS functionality for instant notifications.

“One of the great benefits of the Honeywell system are the prox tags that we use to set and unset the alarm,” said Nathan Shepherd.

“We have a number of volunteers who need access to the building, so we were able to give them their own key fob which allows them to easily operate the alarm. This provided us with peace of mind as we knew that PIN codes couldn’t be shared or forgotten, and it has the added benefit that we can monitor who has entered the building at any given time.”

The Benefits

  • Remote self-monitoring
    With the Le Sucre’s system remote self-monitoring is easy. Using the PIR motion sensor with built-in camera, Vision has the ability to view the chapel at any time, and can easily verify if a security alert is a false alarm or not and respond appropriately and in a timely manner. The system offers peace of mind that the premises is totally secure, and its contents are safe.
  • Installation made easy
    With limited funds, the charity relied on a local volunteer with some electrical experience to install the system. The Le Sucre system is quick to install and easy to programme, even by a non-technical person.
  • Unobtrusive design
    With an unobtrusive design, the Le Sucre® system fits easily into small spaces and seamlessly into any modern interior.
  • Partner of choice
    The competitive price point and ability to add additional peripherals made Honeywell’s Le Sucre the ideal choice for Vision. Honeywell’s reputation also provided peace of mind for Vision’s decision maker, knowing they were purchasing quality equipment from an established industry player.Charity Vision secured by Honeywell wireless security system

The installation of the Le Sucre® system has already paid off for Vision. When an alert came in late one night, the charity used the CAMIR camera PIR to remotely view the premises, and confirm that it was simply a false alarm. The system was reset remotely, completely negating the need for anyone to visit the premises in person.

The Products:
Le Sucre®
Camera PIR motion sensor (CAMIR – F1 Camera)
PIR Motion Sensor (DT8M)
Door contacts (DO8M)
Key fobs (TCC8M)
Tags (TAG4)
Internal Sounder (SI800M)
Wireless Bell Box (SEF8M)

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