Certes Networks and SOTI partner to deliver end-to-end enterprise security

Certes Networks and SOTI partner to deliver end-to-end enterprise security

Certes Networks and SOTI partner to deliver end-to-end enterprise security of enterprise applications, cut ‘shadow IT’ risk

Alliance combines Certes’ software-defined security with SOTI’s enterprise mobility management solutions for faster, safer roll-out of enterprise applications.

Certes Networks, a leading innovator in software-defined security solutions to protect enterprise applications, today announced a partnership with SOTI, the world’s leading provider of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), to enable simplified end-to-end security of sensitive applications for users on the go.

The alliance will unite Certes’ award-winning CryptoFlow Software-Defined Security solutions with SOTI’s EMM solutions to enable IT managers to extend enterprise applications to any user on mobile devices with role-based access control and simplified key management.

The combined solution dramatically streamlines security of new enterprise applications that are deployed and extended to employee mobile devices, including bring-your-own device (BYOD). This in turn will accelerate the rollout of applications and reduce the temptation for users to turn to “Shadow IT,” the unauthorised use of consumer applications for conducting enterprise business.

The Certes and SOTI partnership will provide end-to-end security, isolation and cryptographic segmentation of enterprise applications from the application server in the data centre or Cloud to users on mobile devices. The resulting solutions eliminate siloed, fragmented security and instead protect enterprise applications with per-application crypto-segmentation.

The partnership and joint solution offering will be highlighted next week at SOTI SYNC 2015, the inaugural conference for users and partners of SOTI Inc.’s EMM and BYOD solutions.

The partnership enables:

  • Easily implemented BYOD that provides centralised control over keys and access policies, ensuring strong protection of application flows inside and outside the enterprise perimeter.
  • Simplified per-application keying and role-based access control that allows a security manager to effortlessly manage access for thousands of users based on business goals and user roles.
  • Easily audited security controls with centralised management that accelerates compliance audits.

Certes’ CryptoFlow security products create secure software-defined overlays for each enterprise application, extending from application servers in a data centre or Cloud to users on any device across enterprise firewalled perimeters. The solutions deliver crypto-segmentation of applications both inside and outside the perimeter, to block lateral movement by hackers if a user is compromised or the firewall is breached.

“The connected enterprise and ubiquitous mobile devices demand simple but effective controls over application access and data protection,” said Shash Anand, VP of Strategic Alliances at SOTI.

“SOTI is excited to partner with Certes to deliver a powerful combination of device management capabilities and application isolation controls that will streamline how enterprise IT managers introduce new applications for mobile users.”

Certes’ CryptoFlow solutions combined with SOTI’s flagship MobiControl solution enable IT managers to secure, manage and optimise user mobile devices while safeguarding enterprise applications for users in any location. At the same time, the solutions ensure that the mobile user experience accessing secure enterprise applications is seamless and intuitive.

“The new IT environment features enterprise applications that routinely cross the traditional enterprise perimeter,” said Satyam Tyagi, CTO of Certes Networks.

“By partnering with SOTI, Certes is delivering a true end-to-end security solution that protects users and enterprise applications from today’s most prominent security threats, while simplifying the deployment of new applications for users on mobile devices.”

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