CENTURION introduces infrared gate beams with wireless transmitter

CENTURION Photon infrared gate safety beams

CENTURION Photon infrared gate safety beamsSouth African access automation manufacturer Centurion Systems recently announced the release of their eagerly anticipated gate safety beams with a wireless transmitter.

Known as Photon, these gate safety ancillaries bring a hitherto unknown level of convenience as well as cost-effectiveness to access automation while also making it accessible to a wider audience. Thanks to the wireless technology inherent in the transmitter, users are now able to fit beams without the hassle and expense of tunneling under their driveways to route cables.


This is an important step for automated gate safety since the intensive labour and high cost that was previously associated with it led to many installations simply going without, much to the detriment of the overall safety.

Photon offers the following features and benefits to the user:

  • Wireless, battery-operated transmitter – no need for digging and tunnelling under driveway
  • Minimum 2 years’ battery life
  • Onboard buzzer for easy, effortless alignment and battery low indication
  • 10m operating range – suitable for virtually any entrance
  • Attractive, slim-line appearance
  • Energy efficiency throughout the system
  • Compatible with CENTURION Intruder-detection Alarm Modes*

*Requires a controller that supports this functionality

As an added benefit, the PC boards have been designed in such a way that the beams can be mounted without having to remove the electronics.

Having gauged the enthusiasm of those first introduced to Photon at IFSEC South Africa 2012, CENTURION feels that the beams will undoubtedly be a best-seller and is the wave of the future for automated gate safety.

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