CensorNet to present to AGC investors

CensorNet to present to AGC investors

CensorNet to present to AGC investors

Cloud security company invited to speak at America’s Growth Capital 12th annual information security conference in San Francisco

CensorNet, the complete cloud security company, protecting over 4000 customers with more than 1.3 million users in 47 countries, has been invited to present at the first day of America’s Growth Capital (AGC) 12th annual West Coast Information Security and Technology Growth Conference at 9.45 on Monday 29th February 2016. During the presentation entitled “Complete Cloud Security”, CensorNet CEO, Ed Macnair, will discuss the need for a unified approach to cloud security.

In order to get their jobs done efficiently, employees are quick to download the latest application to access or share data, without understanding the possible security risks. Research has shown that 43 per cent of C-level executives say negligent, but often well intentioned, insiders are the greatest threat to sensitive data1.

CIOs are under increasing pressure to provide employees with reliable and secure access to the cloud applications they need to improve productivity and flexibility, while protecting sensitive corporate data and ensuring compliance to legislation and corporate policy.

CensorNet helps organisations meet the challenge of benefiting from all the advantages of cloud applications, while minimising security risks by giving them greater visibility and control over internet access and the use of cloud applications across all devices, regardless of whether users are in-office or mobile. The company recently acquired SMS PASSCODE, a multi-factor authentication vendor, to integrate SMS PASSCODE’s adaptive multi-factor authentication technology into its cloud-based Unified Security Solution, which already brings together email and web security with Cloud Application Control.

Despite improved security education and awareness within businesses, the reality is that three quarters of network intrusions involve weak or stolen passwords2; highlighting the market requirements for a product that integrates multi-factor authentication into a cloud-based Unified Security Solution.

Ed Macnair, CEO of CensorNet says:

“With the growth of cloud applications use, coupled with an increasingly mobile workforce using multiple devices, CIOs are under immense pressure to encourage productivity, whilst protecting sensitive data. Enterprises need visibility of the complete security picture. Our unified security platform combines email, web and cloud application control, and soon to include integrated adaptive multifactor authentication, gives enterprises complete control and visibility over its security environment through a single pane of glass.”

The AGC Conference comprises keynotes, panel sessions and private and public company presentations. It is hosted by America’s Growth Capital (AGC), a full-service, partner-owned boutique investment bank with offices in Silicon Valley, Boston and Israel. AGC provides private capital, mergers and acquisitions and capital market advisory services. The conference attracts more than 1,600 attendees annually, including entrepreneurs, investors and buyers.

Ed Macnair was formerly CEO of Marshal, a UK web and email security company acquired through a management buyout from NetiQ. In November 2008, he merged Marshal with US-based 8e6 Technologies to create M86 Security (now Trustwave). He founded SaaSID, a UK application security provider in 2011 which was subsequently acquired by Intermedia Inc. in September 2013. Macnair acquired CensorNet in October 2014 with three other industry-leading experts to accelerate the development of web security solutions that bridge the gap between traditional web security and cloud application control solutions. The company acquired SMS PASSCODE, a multi-factor authentication vendor, in February 2016.

If you would like to meet Ed Macnair, CEO of CensorNet, at the AGC conference or during the RSA conference, please contact: Ed Macnair at ed.macnair@censornet.com.

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1 According to data breach statistics from IBM
2 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, 2013

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