CEM announces version 6.6 of its security management software AC2000

CEM Systems AC2000 range

CEM Systems AC2000 range

Version 6.6 of AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) and Lite feature new integrations, enhanced AC2000 WEB functionality, Threat Levels and much more

CEM Systems, part of Tyco Security Products, has announced the release of version 6.6 of AC2000 SE (Standard Edition) and AC2000 Lite integrated access control and security management software.  These latest releases offer a host of new features including video and wireless locks integrations, the introduction of Threat Levels, enhanced AC2000 WEB functionality and more.

“CEM AC2000 continues to be developed in response to customer demand and industry requirements. These exciting new integrations add to the growing range of existing AC2000 video, fire and intrusion integrations, making AC2000 a powerful security management solution.” said Andrew Fulton, Senior Director of Global Sales, CEM Systems.  “The latest versions of both AC2000 SE and Lite continue to position AC2000 as the intelligent security solution of choice for access control and integrated security management, no matter what the business size.”

In addition to existing DVR/NVR integrations, AC2000 SE v6.6 now supports full two-way integration with Milestone XProtect Corporate and Mobotix cameras. Both AC2000 video integrations enable powerful features such as live camera call up with virtual matrix, playback of recorded alarm footage and more, all from within the central AC2000 SE system.

Complementing the range of existing American Dynamics integrations, the latest version of AC2000 Lite is also fully integrated with the American Dynamics TVR giving the ability to associate access control alarms with digital video clips and to view live camera footage. This enables AC2000 Lite to become a single user interface acting as a security management system and removes the need for multiple separate systems.

Both AC2000 SE and Lite v6.6 are also fully integrated with Salto Sallis Wireless Locks, offering the ability to monitor and control the wireless locks from within the AC2000 security management system.

A new feature in v6.6 is AC2000 Threat Levels. In response to a perceived threat, AC2000 Threat Levels provides the ability to remove or restrict cardholder access and increase verification methods at the door, such as additional PIN or biometric required for access. The AC2000 Threat Levels application is ideal for Aviation, Maritime and other industries where security is of paramount importance and security levels may be required to change frequently or quickly.

New in version 6.6 are updates and enhancements to AC2000 WEB, CEM’s powerful suite of fully integrated browser based applications for the CEM AC2000 security management system. In addition to the current suite of applications AC2000 WEB now provides additional Invalid Swipe Analysis functionality, Personnel XML Export and Image Export and WEB Rolling Transaction Display.

AC2000 Lite v6.6 also offers a range of additional features and improvements including Personnel Batch Card Printing and Data Import Tool. Further increasing the convenience and time saving functionality of AC2000, Personnel batch card printing allows for multiple badges to be printed from AC2000 Lite.



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