CCTVdirect launches Cobra Elite 16 channel DVR

With its recent integration with the ESI platform opening up the opportunities for remote monitoring, this machine really does live up to its name as ‘the only DVR you will ever need’. Its incredible design and build make it an impressive piece of kit that can perform on any level, but has been particularly popular in retail, commercial and industrial sectors.

Mark Raine, Managing Director at CCTVdirect, discusses the benefits of the Cobra Elite DVR. “This is a DVR with vast capabilities, that was introduced based on the needs of our customers and has quickly been standardised by large national companies we work with.

“The features are endless, not only is this a full D1 realtime DVR that allows recording at 25FPS on all channels, it has incredible software features such as the smart search technology, which can save you hours looking for an image. Not to mention, this DVR has an incredible recording capacity, with internal storage space for six hard drives, allowing 12TB of memory.”

The 16 BIG reasons lists details a number of features about the DVR, including its ability to engage in two way audio with the site, have playback on your mobile phone and much more. You can read the full article here.

Contact CCTVdirect today to find out why the Cobra Elite is the only DVR you need to think about standardising with this year.

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