CCTVdirect announces its new Autumn catalogue

The new Autumn catalogue from CCTVdirect has landed in hands, on desks and is well and truly planted in a workman’s glove box compartment. With a refreshed style and plenty of deals, it’s sure to show installers the benefits of buying from CCTVdirect.

The catalogue has been given an updated look, and the front cover pays homage to Autumn and CCTVdirect’s team of enthusiastic staff, showing them all scattered outside in an autumn designed picture. The changes to the catalogue have been designed to make it easier to navigate through, now including a contents page and tabs, with clearly defined sections for brands and products.

Not only has the catalogue been given an updated style, but the prices have been updated too. Not a single product has increased in price, however various prices have been cut including certain DVR’s and hard drives. There are also a number of great offers, including bulk buy deals to receive FREE cameras, and free lenses as an introductory offer on products in the new JVC range.

At the end, customers will be rewarded one final time with the mention of a new loyalty scheme, which will be rolled out to customers over the coming months, giving them points for spending which can be converted into prizes!

To receive a copy of the brochure yourself, call 0845 3701 999.

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