CCTV commissioner Andrew Rennison to step down next year

Andrew Rennison, CCTV commissioner

Andrew Rennison will likely step down as CCTV commissioner in February 2014

Andrew Rennission, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner and Forensic Science Regulator, will most likely step down from his job in February 2014, he has revealed.

He told that he was asked by the Home Office to take on the role of forensic science regulator in February 2008, and at the time it was agreed it would have to go out to open competition within six years. In 2009 he added the job of Interim CCTV regulator and then in September 2012 he was appointed the first-ever Surveillance Camera Commissioner.

The former police officer currently works half the week as the Forensic Science Regulator and the other half as the CCTV Commissioner.

He said he was unlikely to be in the role after February 2014. “At the moment, I am not minded to apply for the job,” he said, saying that he might want to pursue other opportunities.

During his tenure as CCTV commissioner, he has developed the draft CCTV code of practice to meet the Coalition government’s commitment to regulate and control CCTV.

He said there will be an open competition for the position, and he expects the job advertisement will appear after Easter.

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