CCTV cameras for 33,000 Saudi Arabia schools

Saudi Arabia-128The Ministry of Education in Saudi Arabia has announced that CCTV cameras are to be installed in around 33,000 schools in the kingdom to protect students.

Majed Al-Harbi, the director of school safety and security at the Ministry, admitted it will be a “huge undertaking”, reports the Saudi Gazette.

He said a key part of the department’s role is to promote a culture of safety and security among teachers and students, adding that private security personnel could be used to enforce safety regulations.

“There are about 5 million students and 700,000 teachers, and if this step is successful, it would mean educating around one third of Saudi society on safety matters,” Al-Harbi said.

The director added that 80 per cent of the Ministry’s SR800m budget for safety and security has already been distributed to education directorates.

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