CCSEC installs wireless surveillance solution to secure Chesterfield FC stadium

Saltergate stadium
Saltergate stadium

Saltergate stadium

Following the successful completion of its contract to supply comprehensive electronic site security throughout the 10 month building project for the new Chesterfield football stadium in Whittington Moor, Clarke Construction Security (CCSec) has been awarded the contract to supply a security solution to the club’s former Saltergate stadium, with the installation work now being complete.

The old Saltergate stadium which has stood for 140 years, is in a residential area, and poses a potential danger to the local community if it is not adequately protected.  Prior to CCSec’s involvement, the site was causing GB Development Solutions, the club’s partner for the redevelopment works, a number of ongoing problems due, mainly, to unauthorised and unwelcome access, namely from locals treating it as a playground.

Awaiting demolition, the former stadium site is derelict and has no mains power or telephone lines for system monitoring, so a wireless solution was required.  The system that CCSec has installed includes integrated cameras and sensor systems which it monitors remotely around-the-clock in the event of a detected intruder.

“The site was causing us real problems and was attracting a large degree of unwelcome interest from the local community, so we needed to put a stop to this,” stated Glenn Mills, Director of GB Development Solutions.  “With the site being so close to a housing estate, the potential dangers were all too obvious.  The construction division of our company recommended CCSec as it had been pleased with the services provided throughout the building of the new stadium, so we made the decision to go with them again.  Installation has been completed quickly and efficiently and we have the peace of mind that the site is safe as well as secure.”

Carl Clarke, Managing Director, CCSec added: “The problems GB Development Solutions were having with the old stadium are really common and exactly what our technology based security solution can guard against.  It’s all about safety and security going hand in hand.  The site is now secure and being monitored 24 x 7.”

The use of technology in the security space is far more cost effective than just providing people to patrol a site or check it occasionally.  It is also proven to be more reliable in the long-run as it doesn’t take breaks, turn up late for work or go off sick.  What’s more should anyone attempt to unlawfully gain access to the protected premises, evidence can be collected and passed to the appropriate authorities to help identify them and secure a prosecution if necessary.

CCSec provides total security solutions with national coverage, incorporating everything from turnstiles and Biometric Access Control systems to alarms and CCTV monitoring.  Should a break-in occur or someone attempts to vandalise the site, a response team can be contacted and be en-route to investigate and secure the site in no time at all.

Carl Clarke concluded: “The electronic security solution acts as a strong deterrent, helping to keep trespassers away but even more importantly means they are not exposed to the many dangers an unoccupied site poses and therefore help prevent casual injury,  or running the risk of not being found if they do get hurt.

About CCSec
CCSec (Clarke Construction Security Ltd) was established in 1997 and has become a market leader in the provision of technology-led security and site safety solutions for the construction and property industries.

CCSec developed its business model in the late 1990s when there was little alternative to the static, physical presence of a security guard. Using the latest technology available, CCSec designed a radio-linked alarm system to protect construction sites, with the addition of mobile response teams on call 24/7, 365 days of the year. CCSec now has a portfolio of systems that includes fully-monitored CCTV systems with PA speakers and biometric access control systems, supported by a motorbike response unit that covers Greater London. CCSec provides economic site security to hundreds of construction companies covering thousands of building sites across the UK.


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