CBC’s Ganz Radar Vision secures Portuguese airport

Ganz Radar Vision system protecting Porto Airport, northern Portugal
Ganz Radar Vision system protecting Porto Airport, northern Portugal

Ganz Radar Vision system protecting Porto Airport, northern Portugal

Leading surveillance systems provider CBC (Europe), under its Ganz branded portfolio, has supplied a Ganz Radar Vision tracking/surveillance early warning detection system to protect Porto Airport in northern Portugal, the country’s third busiest airport in terms of both airplane operations and annual passenger numbers. Working in conjunction with Ganz C-AllView thermal and optical cameras, Radar Vision provides immediate alerts to the airport’s security team of any potential intruder’s presence at the site perimeter.

Aviation security is back in the news following the deadly bomb attack in January 2011 at Moscow’s Domodedovo international airport, prompting renewed interest in effective protection measures.

Porto Airport protection

Installed by local systems integrator Maxiglobal, a solutions Partner of CBC in Portugal, the Radar Vision system used at Porto Airport is the ideal choice for large area perimeter detection, where there is a need for early warning intruder detection and real-time tracking of people and vehicles as they enter the protected area. Radar Vision provides the airport with 360° radar detection up to 800m-radius per unit, allowing an audible and visual alarm to be raised to alert security staff to respond and avoiding the need to monitor control room screens constantly.

Radar Vision can independently control up to five separate Ganz C-Allview PTZ cameras, enabling it to display and track multiple threats simultaneously. At Porto Airport, the system is combined with optical and thermal CCTV surveillance, providing all-round security using multiple, integrated technologies. The Ganz C-AllView thermal/optical cameras combine, in one housing, the detection capabilities of thermal infrared imaging with the detail capture of visible-light CCTV. These C-AllView dual cameras can observe people, animals and vehicles without the need for artificial lighting, providing images in fog, mist, rain and snow conditions. The optical imaging advantages of Ganz C-AllView cameras include 360° rotation and a tilting head to eliminate blind spots.

“Ganz Radar Vision is simple to maintain and operate and can also upgrade an existing surveillance network, with easy retrofitting,” says Geoff Bowers, Director of CBC’s Electronics & Optical Division. “It can be configured with various detection zones – outside the detection area if required and set up as pre-alarms. Once an attack is detected in a pre-alarm zone, Radar Vision provides manned security officers with sufficient time to respond. This holistic security solution allows control room staff to work more efficiently, saves money on unnecessary site patrols, and eliminates false alarms.”

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