Cathexis makes its debut at Security Essen in September

Security Essen

Cathexis is proud to be exhibiting at Security Essen from 25-28 September 2018 at the Messe Essen Exhibition Centre, in the City of Essen, Germany. Cathexis is a globally recognised Video Management Software (VMS) Developer, with over two decades of expertise in providing world-class Video Surveillance Software solutions to the international market.


Cathexis will be showcasing CathexisVision 2018 which offers feature-rich functionality and ease of installation and use for a range of vertical markets such as Retail, Manufacturing, Banking, Healthcare, Mining, Education, Transport, Business Parks, City Surveillance, Government, Remote Monitoring, as well as Residential and Commercial Property sectors.


The CathexisVision Video Surveillance Management Software provides clients with sophisticated features and seamless third-party integrations which ensure efficient and effective surveillance solutions that reap maximum returns on investment.


CathexisVision boasts an open platform that supports the world’s most popular IP camera brands, allowing for the speedy setup of hundreds of on-site cameras in a matter of minutes, and guaranteeing the best solution for each unique application. CathexisVision features such as Advanced Search Tools dramatically speeds up the process of viewing pre-recorded footage, while Adjacent Camera Mapping effectively tracks a suspect through multiple camera scenes. Other notable features include Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR), Camera Parameter Cloning, Failover, Video Wall and Video Analytics.


Powerful Video Analytics suites improve the overall effectiveness of the system by analysing vast amounts of data and generating actionable information. The system automatically pinpoints significant incidents allowing for immediate action. In a nutshell, the CathexisVision features improve the user’s overall experience and ability to efficiently manage a control room environment.


Third-party system integration is perhaps one of the most successful and differentiating features of CathexisVision. This VMS has the capability to integrate various third-party systems like Access Control, Point of Sale, Alarm Panels and Fire Panels and many more with predetermined actions.


Cathexis has also developed web-based hardware and license design tools to assist installers in designing the best system for their application. The hardware tool enables users to enter camera and storage parameters, and automatically generates the recommended recording client servers for each project.


With Automatic Failover Redundancy, CathexisVision experiences zero-downtime in the event of a server recording failure. The reliability of the system goes hand-in-hand with the kind of stability that customers have come to expect from Cathexis, such as its unique Health Monitoring system, which ensures integrity through the provision of automated warnings of any possible impending failure.


It has always been the objective of Cathexis to supply more than just products, but integrated solutions that deliver a real return on investment.

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