Teledyne FLIR introduces Neutrino SX8 Mid-Wavelength Infrared Camera Module


Teledyne FLIR, part of Teledyne Technologies Incorporated, introduced the Neutrino SX8 mid-wavelength infrared camera module and four additional Neutrino IS Series models designed for integrated solutions requiring HD MWIR imagery with size, weight, power, and cost constraints for commercial, industrial, defense original equipment manufacturers, and system integrators. Based on Teledyne FLIR HOT FPA technology, the…

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Ping Identity adds new online Fraud detection


Ping Identity, the intelligent identity solution for the enterprise, continues to enhance its PingOne Cloud Platform with new online fraud detection and other intelligent capabilities that strengthen enterprise cloud security while improving the overall user experience. Ping’s comprehensive end-to-end platform services now allow enterprises to take advantage of the industry trends of converging technologies for…

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Prolific hacking group APT41 exploited COVID-19 fears


BlackBerry’s Research & Intelligence team has revealed a state-sponsored campaign that looks to exploit people’s hopes for a swift end to the pandemic in a bid to entrap its victims.  Once on a user’s machine, the threat blends into the digital woodwork by using its own customised profile to hide its network traffic. Connecting the…

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Cloudview appoints Mark Gibson as Head of Sales


Cloud video surveillance company Cloudview has appointed Silicon Valley sales enablement leader Mark Gibson to be its new Head of Sales. Mark has gained extensive experience in international sales and business development, and has been consulting with leading technology companies since 2004. He has helped to develop many high tech startups in California, EMEA and…

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360 Vision Technology launches new Predator SkyView360

360 Vision

360 Vision Technology, the UK manufacturer of rugged HD, radar and thermal PTZ imaging cameras, has announced a technical partnership with the UK developer of security and counter terrorism products, Openworks Engineering. Designed to create an accurate and cost-effective drone detection and tracking solution for all aspects of the Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) / security…

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SecuX firmware update app now available


SecuX Technology is launching its update app for iOS and Android devices, allowing users to update their SecuX device firmware via Bluetooth connection. Previously only available with USB connection and Chrome browser on the company’s web application SecuXess, causing mobile users to switch between different platforms. Now with the latest addition, SecuX Firmware Update App…

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Mandiant announces new solutions for leveraging threat intel


Mandiant, announced two new, SaaS offerings – Active Breach and Intel Monitoring and Ransomware Defense Validation. The new products bolster the multi-vendor Extended Detection and Response (XDR) capabilities of the Mandiant Advantage platform by accelerating operational use of Mandiant’s up-to-the-minute threat intelligence and validating whether an organisation’s security controls could alert, contain, or block prevalent…

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i-PRO EMEA set to shake-up the security camera industry


i-PRO EMEA set out to shake-up the security camera industry by building on its Panasonic reputation for quality and reliability and adding a start-up mentality focused on quickly responding to customer demands by bringing new products to market. As of October 1, the new global independent company officially transferred from Panasonic and is now headquartered…

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iDter announces a breakthrough security system


Security contractors can no longer afford to simply complete a project and move on to the next job without creating recurring service revenues and an ongoing commitment to the customer. iDter, which stands for intelligent and immediate deterrence of crime, recently launched a complete commercial security solution and partnership program with the ability to generate…

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Danfoss implements new IGA solution with Nixu’s help


Danfoss operates globally and has factories across the world. The company recently grew by a third when it acquired the hydraulics business of Eaton, another major industrial manufacturer. As a trusted manufacturing partner for many sectors, Danfoss must maintain a high standard of cybersecurity. Danfoss works to keep their products easy to use but at…

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