Back to school security

As educational facilities return to the new normal, it is important to update cyber and physical security defences to protect learners in a new environment  As educational institutions return to normal it is important to highlight some of the biggest security risks that the sector is facing. One of the biggest being cybersecurity, as a…

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Digitising the NHS


Security News Desk UK explores why digitising the NHS and protecting our medical information and data is of top importance, especially post Covid-19   The NHS has been trying to accelerate their digital journey for many years, and go paperless. It was supposed to happen in 2018, but first it was pushed back to 2020 and…

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Ask the Expert: Detecting the benefits of radar


Dr. Eva Maria Buchkremer, Head of Product Management, InnoSenT talks exclusively to Security Buyer about the ins and outs of radar technology Since product management was established at InnoSenT in 2018, Dr. Eva Maria Buchkremer has an important role within the company. She is the contact person for innovation projects in the field of industrial…

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The association on the front line

SND catches up with Simon Pears, Chair, International Professional Security Association (IPSA) to discuss front line security and the future landscape  The International Professional Security Association (IPSA) is a membership association for individuals and companies working in the security and fire sector.  The Association was formed over 60 years ago to ensure professionalism in the…

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Two approaches to deeper access control integration


A Recent study into wireless access control solutions reveals that 90% of respondents value the importance of integration in building management functions   Interoperability is now almost essential for joined-up security management. Customers want systems which work together seamlessly. In a survey of security professionals for the Wireless Access Control Report 2021, over 90% of respondents noted the…

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Into the Cloud: Joseph Carson ThycoticCentrify

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at ThycoticCentrify What does ‘security’ mean to you? In the past I used to think security was all about security solutions, best practices and technology. But in recent years I have changed my opinion after many long meetings and discussions with business leaders and executive boards.  Today, security is all…

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Fighting invisible enemies

Surveillance is one of the biggest connected systems contributing to smart cities. How can smart surveillance tackle health risks and dangers in smart cities Ghosts, dark powers and curses: all classic elements of many scary movies, and examples of why it doesn’t take something visible to scare people.  We have a natural fear of dangers…

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Big Interview: Interoperability and identity management

David Bunzel, Executive Director, PSIA, talks exclusively to Security News Desk about the critical nature of interoperability, identity management and standardisation The Physical Security Interoperability Alliance is a global consortium of over 65 physical security manufacturers and systems integrators focused on promoting interoperability of IP-enabled security devices across all segments of the security industry. The…

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Webinar: Guiding the surveillance industry through innovation

  Seagate talks to Security Buyer about the most anticipated upcoming webinar in the surveillance industry discussing storage solutions, trends and ecosystems What can we expect to be covered in the webinar? Seagate, Axis and Milestone are participating in the webinar. We’re all leading experts in our respective fields within the surveillance industry. What the listener can expect…

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Security & Fire Excellence Awards

We have everything crossed that we will be able to celebrate face to face again at Hilton on Park Lane this year. If this is not possible to do safely, then we will once again go Virtual. Either way, we guarantee that your entries will be reviewed, judged and scored by our independent panel of…

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