Cryptocurrency related cyberattacks grow 192%


As the price of bitcoin surged in the recent months, so too have the volume and sophistication of cyberattacks relating to the popular cryptocurrency. This is according to new research by Barracuda Networks, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-enabled security solutions, which found that impersonation attacks relating to cryptocurrencies grew 192% between October 2020 and…

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Back to school security

As educational facilities return to the new normal, it is important to update cyber and physical security defences to protect learners in a new environment  As educational institutions return to normal it is important to highlight some of the biggest security risks that the sector is facing. One of the biggest being cybersecurity, as a…

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Digitising the NHS


Security News Desk UK explores why digitising the NHS and protecting our medical information and data is of top importance, especially post Covid-19   The NHS has been trying to accelerate their digital journey for many years, and go paperless. It was supposed to happen in 2018, but first it was pushed back to 2020 and…

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The UK’s cyber vulnerabilities

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Government outlines the UK’s strategic cyber security policies for the coming 12 months, with critical national infrastructure a clear priority  National Infrastructure are those facilities, systems, sites, information, people, networks and processes, necessary for a country to function and upon which daily life depends.  It also includes some functions, sites and organisations which are not…

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Into the Cloud: Joseph Carson ThycoticCentrify

Joseph Carson, Chief Security Scientist at ThycoticCentrify What does ‘security’ mean to you? In the past I used to think security was all about security solutions, best practices and technology. But in recent years I have changed my opinion after many long meetings and discussions with business leaders and executive boards.  Today, security is all…

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Hybrid Working and the Threat of Desk Data

The transition to remote working has been a revelation for many traditional office staff, yet concerns over data security risks are rising. Mark Harper of HSM explains why businesses and their remote workers must remain vigilant when it comes to physical document security in homes. Pre-pandemic, home offices were often that neglected room in people’s…

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COVID-19 surge in digital exposes companies to cyber threats


COVID-19 surge in digital interactions has exposed organisations to more cyber security threats, say 76% of enterprise IT leaders …protecting against cyber attacks is a bigger IT budget priority than digital transformation over the next 12 months While nearly two thirds (64 per cent) of IT leaders in large UK firms reveal they have made…

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World “Password” Day

It is World Password Day on Thursday 6 May. Corey Nachreiner, CTO at WatchGuard Technologies offers expert advice on passwords in the modern age.   “World Password Day has served as an annual reminder that we all need to practice better password security for nearly a decade. And yet, 80% of breaches began with brute…

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Police DSC supports UK Cyber Security Association

The Police Digital Security Centre is supporting the UK Cyber Security Association (UKCSA), which has officially launched today, Tuesday 4th May 2021, and is open for membership. The UK Cyber Security Association is a membership organisation for individuals, small businesses, SME’s and corporate companies who are involved in or who work in the cyber security…

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Exclusive comment: Cybersecurity in the modern world

Peter Groucutt, Managing Director of Databarracks comments exclusively for Security News Desk UK on cybersecurity in the new normal Cyber security is an arms-race between legitimate businesses and the cyber criminals. As the attacker’s techniques and skills improve, so do defences. In a 2012 TED talk, the FBI futurologist Marc Goodman drew parallels between the…

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