Casino links Ocularis platform into surveillance expansion

OnSSI is providing video security management solutions to the Player’s Casino in Venture, California, utilising its Ocularis platform.

The casino expanded and upgraded its video surveillance and security system, featuring wireless capability across a combination of analogue and megapixel cameras.

The design and installation was completed by California-based outfit Customized Contractor Services (CCS), and Player’s Casino selected OnSSI’s Ocularis platform for operational control.

OnSSI boasts Ocularis as a complete video management system capable of live views and recorded video access across feeds from a large camera network, whether wired or wireless.

The Casino also opted for the Ocularis-X server software for high definition interactive streaming delivered to multiple mobile or web clients and camera control interaction.

Gadi Piran, President and Chief Technical Officer at OnSSI, said: “Security management has a much greater control of the system when all aspects are tied together under the Ocularis platform.

“It puts the Casino at the technology forefront for security control and flexibility.”

Ryan Gleason, project manager at CCS, claimed the Ocularis operational control platform allowed for both analogue and megapixel cameras to be merged “on a single intuitive interface for easy operation” and allowed for improved operational effectiveness.

Meanwhile, OnSSI have also announced they have integrated their IP video surveillance software with ELSAG’s automatic license plate recognition technology.

The new integration, part of a collaboration with OnSSI, ELSAG North America and Convergence TP, means users can view license plate data in real-time through the Ocularis platform and also search recorded video for text, such as a partial plate number.

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