Case study: Crealy Great Adventure Park benefits from PCE services

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Crealy Great Adventure Parks are based in Cornwall and Devon in the South West of England. The Devon park is on the outskirts of Exeter on a 100-acre site that encompasses 10 theme park rides, three indoor play areas, and numerous outdoor activities, including sandpits and pony paddocks, plus an adjoining campsite. The challenge Crealy Great Adventure Park had been using a mix of base stations and handheld analogue radios as its main form of on-site communications. The company that had provided these, however, was not a radio specialist, so when some of the equipment started not performing as well as Crealy wanted it to, the adventure park turned to PCE for advice.

The solution

Premier Communication Electronics (PCE) provided the following:

  • Maintenance and servicing of existing radio equipment
  • Vertex VX-351/VX-231 radios
  • On-going support and technical advice

PCE supplied a mix of cost-effective two-way Vertex 351s and 231s to be used by a variety of Crealy staff members including ride supervisors and ground and office staff. The Vertex portable radios are robust and reliable handheld radios. They are small, easy to use with an extended battery life and emergency notification capabilities.

However, it was PCE’s technological expertise that was of most use to Crealy. One of PCE’s engineering team members tested and reviewed all of Crealy’s existing radios and base stations. Subsequent adjustments made by this engineer gave Crealy improved coverage and voice clarity.

The result

Radio communication is considered a crucial tool for a tourist attraction like Crealy. The park relies on radio technology to ensure its day to day operations run as smoothly as possible and that staff can contact each other swiftly and easily, so they can provide a safe service for its visitors.

The radio solution is used to report lost children and maintenance problems on rides, as well as communicating any other issues that may arise, including emergencies whereby the system is primed to override any conversations already progress to immediately alert all members of staff of the situation.

The new radios were only a marginal part of the solution, however, as PCE was able to recycle most of the adventure park’s existing equipment and increase its effectiveness with some expert maintenance and the replacement and repositioning of the site’s existing antennae.

PCE remains available to Crealy should any other maintenance issues arise and should it require any further advice on its radio communications.

Robert Banks, Operations Duty Manager of Crealy Great Adventure Park, said: “I would recommend PCE to any organisation. They are professional, friendly, helpful, and provide a service which is truly ‘Premier’. I would like to thank the team, from sales to service, for making my operational role here at Crealy Adventure Park a great deal easier.”

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