Cartell gate openers now compatible with any solar automatic gate opener

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Preferred Technologies Group have announced their Cartell gate openers and vehicle detection systems are now compatible with any solar automatic gate opener.

The GateMate (CP-3) has the lowest current draw in standby than any other free exit system on the market. It requires just 90-150 Microamps in standby. That’s 85-90 per cent lower current draw than its closest competition.

A critical aspect of any solar-powered gate opener is the battery. The more accessories attached to a solar gate opener, the less power is available when it needs to open or close. The last thing a gate opener needs is an accessory that uses a significant amount of power when in standby, drawing current 24/7.

“Our engineers have worked tirelessly for years to lower the power consumption of our free exit system,” said Jonathan Bohannon, President and CEO of Preferred Technologies Group, maker of the Cartell lines of products. “It humors me when I hear our competition boasting about their standby current being in the low Milliamps. Cartell is working in Microamps. There are one thousand Microamps in one Milliamp; so you see, there’s no comparison.”

The Cartell GateMate (CP-3) is a one piece system containing all its electronics in the sensor probe that gets buried beside the driveway. It has universal voltage (VAC and VDC) and connects directly to any gate operator. When hidden beside the driveway, it will detect a vehicle and open the automatic gate for a hand-free egress. Customers appreciate not having to use a remote, keypad or key fob to exit their property; they also like the fact that visitors can let themselves out.

And now, with the lowest standby current usage in the industry, Cartell allows solar -powered gate operators to work longer on a single charge.

Cartell, founded in 1975, is a division of Preferred Technologies Group, located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Starting with its groundbreaking use of magnetometer technology for residential vehicle detection, Cartell has led the industry with innovation, functionality, quality and value. The dependability of Cartell’s products far exceeds any competitors and is backed by the industry’s longest warranty. Every Cartell product is quality-made in the U.S.A.

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