Cartell announces expansion into the international market


Preferred Technologies Group, manufacturer of Cartell driveway alarms and gate openers, is now accepting distributorships around the world to sell its products.

The Cartell line of products has been manufactured in the U.S. since 1975. It is sold exclusively through distributors. It was initially introduced in the security industry. Since then, it has been sold in the home automation, landscape, construction, electrical, lighting and automatic gate industries.

Cartell is the name of professional driveway alarms that detect vehicles as they enter the driveway. Home owners are alerted that vehicles are approaching when Cartell turns on lights, cameras and/or audible devices. There are five driveway alarm systems available, including stand-alone systems or those that integrate with any security, home automation or lighting system.

Cartell also has two systems that allow home owners with automatic gates to exit their property without the use of keypads, remotes or key fobs. When a system is buried in the dirt beside the driveway, it will detect an approaching vehicle, and trip the automatic gate to open.

All Cartell systems are based on magnetometer technology. This means only vehicles are detected, eliminating false alarms caused by animals, wind, blowing leaves, etc. The sensor is buried beside the driveway, hidden and vandal-proof.

All Cartell gate openers are universal voltage (VAC or VDC), accepting any 12 volt power supply from any electrical source. The Cartell GateMate (CP-3) is a self-contained free exit system with universal voltage (VAC or VDC) and the lowest stand-by current of any similar product in the industry (90-150 Microamps), perfect for powered and solar-powered gate operators.

With an average field life of at least twelve to fifteen years and a five year warranty, Cartell offers the distributor a professional, virtually service-free product. With no minimum stock requirement, available credit, generous terms, a pre-pay discount and quantity discounts on some products, Cartell offers a reliable product for the small or large distributor worldwide in the security, home automation, landscaping, electrical, construction and automatic gate/access control industries.

Cartell also welcomes installers in the home automation, landscaping, electrical, construction and automatic gate/access control industries as well.

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