Canon seeks to carve share of Middle East market with new IP offering

Canon seeks to carve share of Middle East market with new IP offering
Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director, Canon Middle East (Custom)

Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director, Canon Middle East

Canon – a relatively new player in the Middle East security market – is competing against a number of well-established names in the CCTV sector but is confident that it can carve out a share of the market for itself through its IP video surveillance offering.

The company plans to grow its security cameras business by showcasing its latest range of IP cameras to the market. The latest models were unveiled at Intersec 2014 and greeted with great interest.

The new cameras are designed to monitor sensitive indoor environments in full HD. They are particularly good at shooting in low-light levels and they feature Smart Shade Control, wide-angle view and vandal resistance.

We asked Hendrik Verbrugghe, Marketing Director for Canon Middle East, to tell us more about the company’s strategic direction in the region.

Q: What products has Canon found are most in demand in the Middle East?

A: Over the last couple of years the demand for IP based cameras has been quite significant and this has been quite evident with the new projects announced and tenders won. Today, Canon has a strong line-up to cater to this growing demand from 1.3 MP to Full HD cameras. The new S-Series of ultra-compact cameras are built and well suited for the growing demand in retail and hospitality.

Q: What is the route to market? Will you sell direct or through distributors?

A: The security and surveillance business needs to be fulfilled through specialized distributors and currently we are appointing partners in the key focus markets such as UAE and KSA.

Q: Do customers tend to buy individual products or are they looking for complete solutions?

A: Each customer’s requirements vary in terms of how many products is required for their business and if they would like a complete solution. Canon offers a growing portfolio of security surveillance cameras for customers to choose from.

Q: As the new player in the security market in the Middle East, how does Canon intend to get noticed? Especially given that other brands have been active in the region for far longer.

Canon CamerasA: Our products are equipped with image quality that is industry-leading, the highest technical specification available and a number of features that add value to any customer installation, allowing us to stand from competition. The latest range of security cameras represents a significant milestone for Canon and a compelling proposition for our partners and their customers. In addition to conducting in-depth seminars with the channel community, we have also been actively marketing our latest security solutions by being present at key trade events including Intersec and ISNR.

Q: Is Canon committed to the security market given that it comprises just 1% or 2% of Canon’s overall business?

A: The future of IP security lies with intelligent cameras and HD quality images. We see a huge demand for security products in the region and by being so strong in the imaging business, foraying into the surveillance camera market was only a natural progression for the company. Canon’s technology will help raise the bar of the network camera sector, while offering customers the highest quality security solutions. We are committed to the security camera market and look forward to establishing ourselves in this segment.

Q: Where will you have offices? Just in UAE or across the region?

A: Our head offices for the region are based here in the UAE and we work on-ground in each country through our partners and distributors.


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