Camsat launches new wireless transmission system for IP HD cameras

Camsat's CDS-5IP wireless transmission system
Camsat's CDS-5IP wireless transmission system

Camsat's CDS-5IP wireless transmission system

CDS-5IP is a wireless transmission system designed to transmit audio / video in the 5GHz frequency band power of 1W (30dbi). The device transmits signals from IP cameras with high resolution (up to 5Mpixels). Built-in dual antenna 5GHz MIMO 2 x 16dBi allows signal transmission as standard to 2km, and the possibility of using fine-tuning function of the antenna provides high transmission quality even at varying distances. The additional two RP-SMA outputs give possibility to connect MIMO dual external antennas and thus significantly increase the operating range. Advanced software allows you to accurately measure the transmission speed of each camera separately. CDS-5IP, thanks to CAMSAT`s multimedia protocols is able to provide stable, reliable and efficient transmission and compact to DC antenna increases the current level of system security against damage.

CDS-5IP allows you to work in MASTER, SLAVE and VIDEO BRIDGE mode (recommended as a highly stable and high-speed video link), which allows for flexible configuration of the device and select the mode best suited to your own system. Configured to individual user profile can be saved and if necessary re-played. Fully secure signal transmission is provided by using 64/128/152-bit code and a number of other safeguards such as transmission FIREWALL system. The software also allows for remote configuration, precise setting of the access locks and separating cameras from the rest of the network by using routing.

CDS-5IP through the outer casing can be installed in locations exposed to weather conditions (wind, rain). The device has two RJ45 connectors, which gives the possibility of passing the PoE power to the second input and power more CDS-5IP devices or subsequent cameras with the same power supply. This is a very convenient solution, allowing the installation of cameras in locations without electrical installations or without the possibility of bringing power to devices.


– Image transmission from IP HD cameras
– Image transmission from IP DVRs
– Image transmission from from analogue DVRs with Ethernet output
– Audio / video signal transmission in HD technology with use of any Ethernet / Internet
– Bi-directional data transfer
– Control of IP PTZ cameras


– Stable high-quality HD transmission in the 5GHz band,
– 1W high radio power (30dbi)
– Works in the point-to-point and point-to-multipoint configuration
– OFDM radio modulation
– Max speed 300Mbps
– 64/128/152-bit transmission coding
– Integrated MIMO dual antenna 2x16dbi and R-SMA outputs for additional antennas
– Link testing tool
– PoE 15-18VDC / 0,8 A
– Radio signal level indicator – LED indicators
– RF power control
– Works with all video resolutions – from VGA (640×480) by HD (1080p) to QSXGA (2560×2048)

CDS-5IP in VIDEO BRIDGE mode (recommended due to the guarantee of high and stable links) gives opportunity to connect 4 IP HD cameras on single operating channel. In MASTER and SLAVE mode it is possible to connect 8 cameras on single operating channel.  The number of cameras operating on one channel depends largely on the load of IP cameras and types of compression used in these. The recommended camera compression – H.264 (also supports MPEG4 and MJPEG).

The kit includes:

– CDS-5IP x 1 pc.
– Power supply 15V / 0,8 A x 1 pc
– PoE adapter x 1pc
– Mounting brackets to vertical mast x 2pcs

Selection of equipment for the range up to 2km:

– 1 camera point: CDS-5IP x 2 pcs
– 4 camera points: CDS-5IP x 5 pcs, omnidirectional antenna 13dbi x 1 pc.

Selection of equipment for the range up to 5km:

– 1 camera point: CDS-5IP x 2 pcs, 30dbi directional antenna x 2 pcs.
– 4 camera points : CDS-5IP x 5 pcs, omnidirectional antenna 13dbi x 1 pc., directional antenna 30dbi x 4pcs.

NOTE: to each cds-5ip two IP cameras can be connected


• Omnidirectional antenna for receiving point
• Directional Antenna

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