Camden door controls strikes are now available without monitoring

Camden Door Controls have announced the introduction of its new CX-ED 1079 5/8” latch projection and CX-ED 1079D ¾” latch projection strikes.

Each of these Grade 1 ‘Universal’ ANSI strikes, complete with three faceplates, are now available without monitoring. According to the manufacturer, they provide the best strike value for installers when monitoring is not required. 12/24V AC/DC selectable, they offer fail safe/fail secure operation.

These ‘Universal’ electric strikes are in stock and supported by a library of product information, including product specification sheets posted on the Camden Web site.

“Camden is committed to delivering the latest in product innovation to meet the changing demands of our customers and their end users,” says David Price, Marketing Manager, Camden Door Controls. “We’re very pleased to bring this product enhancement to market.”

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