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'Interoperability is key' - ONVIF members discuss standards adoption in the security market

M-logo side 2012Meyertech, the leading British developer of ONVIF Video Management Software has today launched its Magellan Programme for ONVIF member organisations who manufacture NVT devices.

magellanThe Magellan ONVIF NVT Programme has been designed to improve the implementation of NVT device interoperability with NVC video management software through a large scale testing and iterative development process and is free to join for qualifying ONVIF member organisations.

Magellan is a ‘no-frills’ ONVIF Profile-S NVC which is simple and intuitive to use and is provided free to affiliates of the programme.

Watch the Magellan launch video:


With Magellan NVC you can view live ONVIF streams and control PTZ ONVIF cameras. Magellan is also perfect for demonstrating your NVT devices easily and without fuss.

Magellan Programme enrolment is now open    CLICK HERE

“Join now and DISCOVER ONVIF

 ONVIF S for yourself”

To support the programme and in parallel with Magellan’s launch Meyertech has created a Linkedin Group for affiliates. Contributors can discuss the programme with other members, catch-up on the latest Magellan news and be first to hear announcements from Meyertech in relation to the programme.

Meyertech also welcomes consultants, system integrators and end users who can make a contribution to apply to join the group.

If you wish to join the group follow the link below.

For more information on Magellan and other Meyertech products visit our website:


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