Burglary victims may no longer be supported

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Burglary victims may no longer be supported

Burglary victims may no longer receive a police visit says police Chief Constable Sara Thornton, but research reveals one in four say it affected their mental health.

Spending cuts mean that forces may be unable to provide services that people expect, however research by independent charity Victim Support and security firm ADT has revealed that the impact of burglary can be vast and long lasting. A study of 1,000 burglary victims revealed that one in four said they have experienced mental health issues after a break-in, including increased anxiety or symptoms of depression.

The study, conducted to find out the real impact of burglary as part of the ‘Take No More’ campaign, also revealed that one in four (25 percent) adults felt their ability to keep their family safe was affected by a break-in.

The victims surveyed also experienced a heightened sense of fear of becoming a victim of other types of crime. Nearly two in five (38 percent) worried about being a victim of violent crime and a similar number (37 percent) were fearful of street robbery.

“This research shows the kind of emotional and psychological scars that burglars leave on their victims.” said Gail Hunter, a spokesperson for ADT.

“Taking steps to make homes more secure may help victims to feel safe and could help to reduce their anxiety. Homeowners can take precautionary measures, from simple checks like making sure windows and doors are locked before going to bed, to installing security measures that act as a deterrent to burglars.”

Lucy Hastings, Director at independent charity Victim Support said,

“We know from supporting thousands of burglary victims every year that the impact of this crime can be devastating and long lasting. Victims tell us that they suffer far more than lost possessions when their home is burgled; there can be a lasting effect on the whole family and victims often feel violated as their home is no longer a safe haven.

“All victims need to have confidence that the crime will be thoroughly investigated and efforts made to catch the perpetrators and bring them to justice. They also need access to the practical help and emotional support they may need to cope and recover from crime.

“Victim Support’s specially trained staff and volunteers offer free, confidential information and support to anyone affected by crime – regardless of when the crime took place or if the police are involved. Call our Supportline team on 08 08 16 89 111 or visit victimsupport.org.uk to find out how we can help.”

ADT and Victim Support have pledged to work together for three years through the ‘Take No More’ campaign to run free crime prevention schemes for householders, increase awareness of support services for burglary victims, and campaign to ensure that those victims get justice in court.

Visit www.victimsupport.org.uk/takenomore or www.adt.co.uk/takenomore for more information. Follow the campaign on Twitter #TakeNoMore @VictimSupport or @ADT_UK

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