BT Redcare significantly reduces pricing on Digital (RS1000D) CCTV service

Screen Shot 2013-07-09 at 15.29.45BT Redcare’s Digital (RS1000D) CCTV service offers reliable, secure, point-to-point, IP connectivity and is now available at a significantly reduced price.

Customers can benefit from using Digital (RS1000D) where they are looking to move to an IP CCTV solution or they need an IP backhaul solution to complement their existing services.   If customers are wondering how to add value, or generate revenue, from their CCTV operation, Digital (RS1000D) can be used to drive numerous applications including IP-based services such as help terminals, advertising displays and bus stop information.

Mike Routh, head of surveillance sales at BT Redcare, said: “With over 26 years’ experience in providing CCTV services, a full range of transmission options and new pricing on our Digital (RS1000D) service, we are able to advise companies on the best option to meet their requirements.

“We are also offering customers a review of their CCTV infrastructure, allowing them to take advantage of their existing infrastructure and build a roadmap that will meet their current and future needs.

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