BSIA launches end-user barometer survey


James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA.

As engagement with end-users continues to top the British Security Industry Association’s agenda, the trade body has launched an annual survey aimed at measuring changing attitudes to security among those responsible for buying and using security products and services for their business.

Accessible online and open to all individuals involved in the procurement and management of security products and services, the survey aims to provide the BSIA – and its members – with a better understanding of the needs of industry customers, while assessing demand for closer cooperation between buyers and suppliers.

James Kelly, Chief Executive of the BSIA, comments: “Understanding the attitudes of our industry’s clients towards security procurement is a key first step in building an open and frank dialogue with those who drive our industry’s continued development and innovation. Through an annual, barometer-style survey, the BSIA aims to gauge the broader security concerns of our industry’s clients, while giving us a better understanding of the extent to which security is prioritised within a range of business sectors.”

With questions covering a wide range of topics, including the impact of economic recovery on security spending, the survey will ultimately identify emerging trends in buying behaviour, and how these relate to perceived security threats facing a number of business sectors, from retail to transport, healthcare and education.

This year’s survey will also assess buyers’ eagerness to forge closer links with the BSIA and its members, through a proposed new ‘stakeholder section’ of Association membership.

James Kelly adds: “The BSIA is considering establishing a new section of membership for end-users and industry stakeholders, to enable security buyers to work closely with the industry and stay informed about the latest technological developments. Understanding the needs of industry clients will help us plan the formation of this section and ensure that it delivers good value and an effective service to those who join.”

Industry clients, buyers and procurement professionals can access the survey online via the following link:


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