BRS Labs call on industry to discover AISight

ifsec-mailerBehavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) are inviting security professionals to experience a private demonstration of its AISight system, the first artificial intelligence system for enhanced video surveillance that delivers real-time alerts for suspicious behaviour.

BRS Labs are running opportunities for security industry professionals to discover the speed, accuracy, scalability and manageability of AISight. The demonstrations will be held at the Birmingham Hilton, Suite 5055, from May 13-15 and anyone interested to register should email Luis Coello ( or Wesley Harper (

BRS Labs recently released Version 4.0 of its flagship safety and security platform. AISight 4.0 operates seamlessly across multiple locations and scales to thousands of cameras, making it the only practical solution for large-scale deployments.

Its real-time alerts are based on bodies of evidence built automatically from behaviours it observes and recognises within each camera’s field of view. This self-learning, smarter approach helps users make better, faster safety and security decisions without overwhelming staff with large numbers of non-critical alerts.

aisight-logoAISight 4.0 directly solves other urgent operational challenges for enterprise-grade video surveillance:

• Delivers meaningful results immediately upon installation without custom programming or human intervention

• Dramatically reduces false alarms, making video surveillance a true real-time solution for intervening as events unfold

• Delivers real-time visibility into safety issues as well as security, such as automatic recognition of smoke, fire, flooding, static objects vibrating or in motion, etc.

• Recognises when multiple alerts represent a single threat, thereby reducing the overall number of alerts that must be investigated – or when seemingly minor behaviours represent a threat when taken in aggregate.

• Applies enhanced system health capabilities to make AISight the most user-friendly, operationally streamlined solution available, even across multiple, physically separated facilities

brs_logoJohn Frazzini, President of BRS Labs, said upon the announcement of AISight 4.0: “AISight has become the de facto standard for intelligent video surveillance across transit systems, critical infrastructure, industrial facilities, and corporate and government campuses.

“Version 4.0 continues our history of innovation with an upgraded architecture and new features that enhance the value we bring to our customers and partners.”

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