BRS Labs and 3Si Pte to bring AISight to Asian markets

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Behavioral Recognition Systems (BRS Labs) has announced that its AISight Behavioral Recognition System is now available in Asian markets through 3Si Pte of Singapore.

AISight Logo“We are excited to partner with 3Si,” said John Frazzini, President of BRS Labs. “Safety and security are global concerns, and our behavioral recognition technology truly advances the power, value and flexibility of intelligent video surveillance for Asian markets in ways that no other solution can match.”

AISight is a patented, award-winning behavioral recognition solution for enhanced video surveillance that teaches itself to identify and alert on suspicious behavior. This highly automated artificial intelligence system works with a wide range of cameras and networks. It automatically adapts to changing conditions much like a human brain does, but without fatigue, boredom or distraction. AISight installs quickly and is immediately productive. Users receive real-time alerts and visual replay for unexpected activity so that they can make fast, accurate decisions and determine the most appropriate response. This ability to isolate both potential and unfolding threats dramatically improves situational awareness for organizations seeking real-time threat recognition and response.

AISight scales to thousands of cameras, making it the only practical solution for large-scale video surveillance deployments. Its real-time alerts are based on bodies of evidence built automatically from behaviors it observes and recognizes within any camera’s field of view. This self-learning, smarter approach helps users make better, faster safety and security decisions without overwhelming staff with large numbers of non-critical alerts. Other key benefits include:

  • Delivers effective results immediately upon installation without custom programming or human intervention by teaching itself what is and is not normal behavior within any camera’s field of view. The accuracy of AISight results improve continuously over time.
  • Dramatically reduces false alarms, making video surveillance a true real-time solution for intervening as events unfold.
  • Delivers real-time visibility into safety issues as well as security, such as automatic recognition of smoke, fire, flooding, static objects vibrating or in motion, etc.

AISight will be on display at the Global Security Asia 2013 event, Stand 1430.


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