British Pipeline Agency Ltd chooses Axis Security to secure its UK CCTV control site

Andrew Murray, Security Manager for BPA & Jonathan Levine, Axis Group CEO

Andrew Murray, Security Manager for BPA & Jonathan Levine, Axis Group CEO

British Pipeline Agency Ltd (BPA), a leading UK pipeline operator and consultant, has chosen Axis Security, one of the UK ’s leading suppliers of bespoke security solutions, to provide CCTV monitoring and access control to its purpose-built security control centre in Kingsbury.

Security responsibilities at the Kingsbury Oil Terminal site are considerable, covering the pipeline systems owned by United Kingdom Oil Pipeline Ltd (UKOP), West London Pipeline and Storage Ltd  (WLPS) and the Walton Gatwick Pipeline Company Ltd (WGPC). These sites stretch geographically from the Mersey River in the North West of England, through a large part of the Midlands and down to the River Thames in South East England, and include product supply to Heathrow and Gatwick Airports.

The 24-hours a day, 365 days a year security requirements of this vast oil pipeline network, monitored at Kingsbury, are covered by 208 weekly man-hours, including 40 supervisor hours. The inclusion of supervisor hours in Axis ’ proposal was one of the key reasons for the contract win. “This is a major security project, and one that produced very competitive proposals from six of the UK ’s top 20 security companies, ” says Andrew Murray, Security Manager for BPA.

“Axis Security was awarded the contract because it provided added value – the provision of supervisors demonstrates an understanding of the scope of this project and enables a management system that will ensure effective execution. Added to this, all Axis Security staff are first aid trained, which provides us with further peace of mind. ”

BPA provides technical and operational solutions for global clients in the onshore oil and gas transmission sector. Crucial to its projects is the secure, safeguarding of pipeline sites. The Kingsbury project will start with an initial monitoring of the Kingsbury Oil Terminal based near Tamworth, the Mersey Pump station at Little Stanney and the Thames Pump Station at Coryton and will extend to the remaining 13 stations by 2015, once system installations are complete.

Andrew has been very pleased with Axis Security ’s implementation: “It has involved the creation of a purpose built security control hub with a fully tailored security system. The officers work in a modern, comfortable environment with top-of-the-range equipment and the result is an efficient and highly effective service. ”

Jonathan Levine, Axis Group CEO and David Mundell, Sales and Marketing Director attended the open day of the Kingsbury Security Control Centre: “We are proud to be working with a company so prominent in the oil pipeline sector, where security is paramount, ” says Jonathan. “That we were chosen in such a competitive tender demonstrates our ability to provide bespoke, best-in-class security solutions to companies that are reliant on the safeguarding of nationally critical assets. ”

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