Bristol Airport implements Critical Point protection solution from Navtech

Navtech Radar, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of commercial millimetre wave intelligent radar solutions for outdoor commercial applications, have completed the installation of their AdvanceGuard Radar solution with witness2 intelligent software for processing and control at Bristol Airport. The new solution covers surveillance and monitoring of a Critical Point (CP) within the airport where barriers would not be practical, and where CCTV in combination with manned guarding did not provide a satisfactory response time.

Chris Ware, Head of Security at Bristol Airport says, “We selected AdvanceGuard based on its all-weather capabilities and operational experience at other airports. A further major factor was that the solution demonstrated the lowest false alarm rate which was demonstrated during testing. We have a lot of fog in Bristol and it was critical that the new solution could cope with that, as well as rain and snow. The AdvanceGuard solution also gives us superior track and trace capability in comparison to other types of technology solutions we looked at. To date, the system has met all our expectations.  I would like to highlight that the benefits also include automatic tracking capability and rule-and zone setting flexibility within the witness2 software suite. The system’s alarm log and operator acknowledgement features also provide an audit trail for both employer and employee. Hence, staff can be seen to have followed procedures because there is now a security system in place that documents that they have done so.”

To provide coverage of the CP and its approaches, Navtech specified a compact, high-performance, 360°scanning radar sensor – the AdvanceGuard AGS800-X. This unit will scan a full 360° every second to a radius of 600m with a resolution of 25-50cm and is capable of detecting vehicles, humans and animals in all weather conditions. The AGS800-X is housed in a lightweight, IP67-compliant enclosure and features an industry-standard interface for easy integration and use as part of a multi-radar solution.

Bristol Airport established a warning area around the unsecured CP designed so that any encroachment by potential intruders results in an alert being received by the operators. All potential threats within the warning area are displayed on the Sentinel user interface and are updated in real-time. Running on top of this, is a sophisticated set of direction rules, complete with geo-fenced alarm zones, which allows witness2 to generate alerts only when a threat moves into the CP from particular directions.

For visual identification in case of incidents, the AdvanceGuard solution is integrated with the existing CCTV solution at Bristol airport directing an Esprit TI thermal imaging camera supplied by Pelco – part of the Schneider Electric group. The Esprit TI camera’s thermal capabilities are ideal for the prevailing conditions at Bristol Airport,

and is capable of tracking any identified threat using bearing and range instructions provided by witness2.



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