Bringing 100 years of experience to IFSEC 2018

Secure Logiq

Robin Hughes, Sales Director at Secure Logiq explains what the company will be exhibiting at IFSEC 2018 and gives an idea of the extra entertainment that will be available on their stand.

So for readers new to Secure Logiq what is it, in a nutshell, that you do?


We manufacture a range of IT Hardware specifically optimised for the needs of HD surveillance and video analytics applications.  Our servers feature the highest storage density and highest throughput of any product available in the industry today and our analytics optimised servers can process more channels of advanced video analytics than any other. Our client machines are specifically optimised to the various VMS solutions on the market so we can display more HD video streams than other vendors per device. In short, we use a lot less hardware to do the same job saving valuable rack space, power and of most importantly money.


I notice that you are the only specialist server manufacturers at IFSEC 2018. So, what is it that that differentiates you from the traditional IT-centric server suppliers?


With over 100 years of experience in IT and IP Surveillance, the Secure Logiq executive team brings together a combination of pioneers and thought leaders in HD CCTV and specialist server design. It is our deep knowledge of VMS’s and everything IP CCTV which really sets us apart from other server manufacturers allowing us to offer greater throughput and storage density than anyone else as well as support from a team that fully understands your requirements and the other products you are working with. Our real intellectual property however lies in the software behind the products. Secure Logiq has developed the industries most advanced benchmarking and testing utility proving a virtual system design of any size, Logiqal Benchmark, and all product now ships with Logiqal Healthcheck, our health status and alerting utility.


Are you showcasing any new products at the show?


Yes, designed to reduce support requirements whilst improving the support process, Logiqal Healthcheck Pro brings to the professional security installer a complete suite of management tools to ensure, at a glance, their global customer CCTV estates are secure, optimised and fully operational at all times. Visual confirmation utilising a simple to understand traffic light system confirms the operational status of every customer site, either as icons or displayed live on a map. We will also be unveiling Logiqal Cybercheck which is a free and simple to use, server based, CCTV Network & Security Tool Kit guiding the security installer through the steps to be taken to ensure that the system or indeed company network is hardened against  cyber-attack. Our new W series analytics optimised server technology will be on show as well as high availability and fault tolerant solutions resulting from our recent channel partnership with Stratus everRun.


Are there any other reasons to visit your stand?


Well, we will be having some amazing holographic HYPERVSN visuals on our stand, some cool interactive object recognition tables to display our wares and on Wednesday after the show our stand will become the Secure Logiq ‘pub’ complete with cold British beers and ciders, Air Hockey and maybe even our MD playing guitar….


Who should be visiting Secure Logiq at IFSEC 2018?


Anyone in the Enterprise CCTV arena really. We are always hoping to attract new systems integrators, expand our global partner and distribution footprint and educate the consultant community that there are exciting, industry specific alternatives to off the shelf IT centric servers. Any end user with an existing IP CCTV system would benefit from finding out how replacing their server hardware could improve the image quality and frame rate of their existing system whilst reducing the running costs, power savings alone could cover the cost of the hardware replacement.


And, finally, if visitors are unable to visit you at the show, how can they catch up with what happened?


We have created a lot of new content for IFSEC 2018 which will go live straight after the show on our website, We also have a global network of Sales and Distribution, simply contact us on or call +44 20 3475 5743 for any information or to arrange a personal presentation. Our recently refurbished showroom in our London HQ is also worth a visit.

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