BriefCam presented BriefCam Syndex at MILIPOL Paris 2013

briefcam-logoBriefCam®, the developer and provider of Video Synopsis® solutions for the rapid review, analysis and indexing of video for decision support, security and safety, will present BriefCam® Syndex, a new product range based on the company’s award-winning technology, to the European security and defense industry at MILIPOL Paris.

Visitors to MILIPOL 2013 will see BriefCam Syndex in action a next-generation product range based on new and advanced Video Synopsis technology. Video Synopsis is the simultaneous presentation of objects, events and activities that occurred at different times. Users can “synopsize” video to pinpoint events of interest, reach targets quickly and take action as required.

In addition to offering a powerful set of tools for fast video review, BriefCam Syndex now augments the basic Video Synopsis by allowing users to search video according to parameters that they define: size, color, speed, area and direction. All parameters are under the user’s control.

A unique “Similar to This” function enables users to search video according to hard-to-define, “I’ll know it when I see it” attributes.

Like all search engines, BriefCam Syndex ranks the Video Synopsis results in order by probability – from highest to lowest, depending on how well they match the search criteria – ensuring that the most relevant events of interest are presented first.

BriefCam Syndex is offered as a standalone product, or an integrated or embedded part of the VMS environment (preview video available in English or French).

BriefCam CEO & President Dror Irani said, “Video contains valuable data. Until now, most recorded video was unwatched and eventually dumped along with that information because the existing tools for reviewing video were impractical. Your cameras and recording equipment are already in place. Why not exploit them? Our ultimate goal is to help turn seemingly ‘useless’ video into useful information that supports better decision making and faster action.”

BriefCam Syndex is geared towards a range of user groups and market verticals:

  • BriefCam Syndex FS enables law enforcement, security officers, and others responsible for the post-event review and investigation of large quantities of video files, to review hours in minutes.
  •  BriefCam Syndex FS+ is intended for law enforcement and/or security officer teams: multiple users responsible for the post-event review of large quantities of video files for investigative purposes, as an individual, group or collaborative effort.
  • BriefCam Syndex EP is ideal for small to medium-sized enterprises already invested in a VMS environment with up to 200 video cameras and a small team of video investigators engaged in post-event and/or real-time video review.
  •  BriefCam Syndex EP+ is a scalable solution intended for use by large enterprises with more than 100 cameras, able to support an unlimited number of cameras and investigators.

As with all BriefCam products, BriefCam Syndex stresses ease of use, integrating the user’s experience, intelligence and intuition as a vital part of the search and review process. The human mind and eye are always engaged.

“Since launching sales in mid-2010 BriefCam products have been used successfully by law enforcement and investigative agencies worldwide,” Irani continued. “The BriefCam Syndex product line is a major step forward in our effort to meet customer needs and stems from the experience gained in that time.”

BriefCam will present BriefCam Syndex at MILIPOL Paris, Paris Nord Villepinte, November 19-22, 2013, Israel Pavilion Stand 5E-104. Demonstrations for the media may be arranged (contact details follow).

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