BriefCam for Government Agencies Announced at iHLS 2014


BriefCam®, the developer and provider of Video Synopsis® solutions for the rapid review, analysis and indexing of video, today announced at the Israel HLS Exhibition (iHLS 2014) a new offering tailored to the needs of government investigative agencies: BriefCam Syndex GV, to be available in Q1 2015.

“Two years ago, we won the iHLS Innovation Award 2012. Since that time, our product line has matured, our client base has expanded, and BriefCam has been used and recognized for its role in major criminal and homeland security-related investigations. For all of these reasons, we’re proud to be able to announce BriefCam Syndex GV at Israel HLS 2014,” said Dror Irani, CEO and President of BriefCam. “This offering meets the needs of government agencies and was developed in response to direct feedback from high-profile users already employing BriefCam successfully in the field. These include the departments of defense, the law enforcement agencies, and the intelligence communities in North America, Europe, China, the APAC region and, of course, Israel.”

BriefCam Syndex is a next-generation product range based on Video Synopsis technology. (See: YouTube/BriefCamVS). Video Synopsis is the simultaneous presentation of objects, events and activities that occurred at different times. Users can pinpoint events of interest, reach targets quickly and take action as required. BriefCam stresses ease of use, integrating user experience and intuition as a vital part of the process; the human mind and eye are always engaged.

In addition to fast video review, BriefCam Syndex augments the basic Video Synopsis by providing users with a powerful set of tools for searching video according to attributes that they define: size, color, speed, direction and location within the frame. All parameters are under the user’s control – even the order of objects displayed. Like all search engines, BriefCam Syndex ranks results in order by probability to ensure the most relevant events of interest are presented first.

BriefCam Syndex is also offered as a standalone product intended mainly for law enforcement and individual security investigators (FS) and for investigative teams (FS+), or as an integrated/embedded product within the VMS environment for medium-sized enterprises (EP) and large/growing ones (EP+).

New features incorporated into BriefCam Syndex GV include floating licenses so that cameras can be assigned and reassigned among authorized users, mobile (thin) client support, in/out zoom, and multiple video source capability that enable processing of video input from the agency-owned VMS as well as from imported external video footage.

“As security cameras proliferate, more and more investigations are crowdsourcing video from the public for intelligence gathering and post-event investigation,” Irani noted. “More evidence is a boon to investigators but also means hours, days and even weeks of video are collected – that’s where rapid video review is absolutely essential. Crowdsourcing also increases the need for greater control over privacy.”

In line with the trend, BriefCam Syndex GV’s enhanced collaborative investigation tools include permissions limitations so that camera access is restricted in accordance with the individual investigator’s viewing rights.

BriefCam will be presenting BriefCam Syndex at Booth #82 at the Israel HLS Exhibition, November 10-12, 2014 at the Israel Trade Fairs Center, Tel Aviv, Israel.

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