Brand new video showcases the importance of data destruction

hredded_paper_2_10_07_cropThe Information Destruction Section of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) held the premiere of its first official promotional video at IFSEC International, showcasing the vital role that professional information destruction plays in today’s society.

Failure to destroy confidential information efficiently can have far-reaching implications for both individuals and businesses, should the information fall into the wrong hands. Individuals’ credit scores can be seriously damaged, and organisations risk huge financial and reputational losses. In fact, recent research by accountancy firm KPMG revealed a surprising rise in identity fraud throughout 2012, with the cost of this crime more than doubling in value to a startling £26.3m.

Sector specific BSIA research has also revealed some startling statistics. According to a recent BSIA survey, which questioned key workers in the healthcare sector – including consultants, doctors, senior managers, facilities managers and IT managers – one in four healthcare professionals reported that their organisation had been the subject of some form of data breach.

Last year, a survey of educational professionals found that 79 per cent of respondents believed that the threat posed by lost or inadequately disposed of data had either increased or stayed the same over the previous 12 months. To add to this, only 34 per cent of schools confirmed that they were using a professional company to oversee the destruction of their confidential data.

These figures show that there is no room for complacency in any sector when it comes to information destruction, and the BSIA’s new video serves to inform decision makers of the responsibilities they have when it comes to selecting an information destruction provider.

“The importance of sourcing an information destruction company should not be underestimated in any organisation, and effective information destruction should always be high on the agenda,” said Anthony Pearlgood, chairman of the BSIA’s Information Destruction Section. “It is important that key decision makers do not make these choices lightly, and are sure to source a reputable supplier that meets the relevant standards.”

“Our brand new video not only showcases the value of our industry, shredding over 400,00 tonnes of confidential paper a year, but also explains the standards that high quality suppliers should be adhering to – all of which BSIA Information Destruction members meet,” added Pearlgood.

The new information destruction video is the second production SecurityNewsDesk has worked on with the BSIA. Get in touch to find out more about the video opportunities available from SecurityNewsDesk.

The new video can be viewed on the BSIA’s YouTube channel here:

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