Brainloop Dox: enterprise file, sync and share solution

Brainloop Dox: enterprise file, sync and share solution

Brainloop Dox: enterprise file, sync and share solution

Secure filesharing for companies now offers better performance and is even faster and more flexible

German IT security provider Brainloop has announced a new cloud security architecture to be launched in November. The company has placed a strong emphasis on factors like flexibility, performance and security. In addition, it has revamped Brainloop Dox its file sync and share solution. With a completely new design, Dox now supports Apple Macs, a wide range of mobile devices as well as Windows machines.

Brainloop’s new cloud architecture works hand in hand with Brainloop Dox. A faster upload capability and increased bandwidth speeds up the filesharing solution and enables users to work with no delays. The size limit for uploaded files has also been increased. In addition, the architecture has been redesigned to make it more scalable and now gives users even more flexibility. The solution has been designed for deployment in a large enterprise – simple administration, straightforward integration and easy definition of company security policies.

“We are living in the era of digitalisation and people want to work in a flexible, efficient and productive way,” says Thomas Deutschmann, CEO of Brainloop.

“They can only do that if they’re able to securely share the content they’re working on, wherever they may be. The ‘sharing generation’ wants to work intuitively and without having to make detours. This is why companies really need to offer their employees convenient and secure filesharing.”

For Brainloop Dox itself, some things remain unchanged. The solution can be integrated easily into the working environment and enables a high level of user acceptance and security. Users of Android and iOS devices as well as those with Windows tablets can use a native app to easily access the new version of Brainloop Dox. This underscores how Brainloop is responding to the increasing need for usability and mobility while enabling secure filesharing, regardless of where the users are located and which devices they are using.

From the security point of view, companies can rely on Brainloop’s high standards that comply with Germany’s stringent IT security regulations. All data is stored on servers in redundant, certified data centres in Germany. The company also ensures the highest level of access security with consistent two-factor authentication and role-based allocation of access rights. High levels protection includes 256-bit AES-GCM encryption on the server, mobile apps and desktop clients plus 256-bit SSL/TLS 1.2 during data transmission. Brainloop solutions add extra protection with multiple sophisticated security functions, such as predefined session timeouts, provider and administrator shielding, and the automatic deletion of local documents on mobile devices following a predefined number of failed login attempts.

Companies can test the new version of Brainloop Dox, which is available worldwide in English, German and French, for a month free of charge. The Brainloop pricing model is attractive across the board – for any number of users, size of storage space and support requirements. Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit particularly from the launch offer*, as Brainloop is offering its Business Edition for five users at just €250 for a year’s usage.

The Starter and Business Editions of Brainloop Dox are available following online registration. The Corporate Edition is available on demand from resellers or directly from Brainloop and will be set up following consultation with the customer. Brainloop Dox will be released in November.

*Offer available until the end of 2015

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