Bosch Video Surveillance and Fire Detection Systems

Bosch Video Surveillance and Fire Detection Systems

Bosch Security Systems has equipped one of the biggest Latin American conference centers, Corferias in Bogota Columbia, with a comprehensive, new security solution. As Corferias continues to attract growing numbers of conferences and exhibitions, the number of visitors at each event is also growing.

To help direct visitor traffic safely and smoothly through the center, Bosch has modernized the center’s video surveillance and fire detection systems. Local Bosch partner, Compania International de Integracion, installed the upgrade.

The new Modular Fire Panel Series 5000 will substantially increase fire protection at the center, which is host to 50 events and over 1.5 million visitors annually. In addition to the center’s original 100 analogue video cameras, Bosch has added 150 IP video cameras, which constantly monitor the entire 50,000 square-meter compound.

The Bosch Video Management System (BVMS) controls the cameras and works with the Video Recording Manager (VRM) and the Automatic Network Replenishment Technology (ANR) to ensure that video records are saved locally in the event of a network interruption, to be retrieved when the network is up again. Video footage of the entire center is available at all times.

Operators can use either the BVMS app or the Video Security app on their mobile devices to manage the camera system from any location, streaming live as well as recorded footage. Thanks to Bosch’s Dynamic Transcoding Technology, available bandwidth does not affect remote transmission.

For the first time, video surveillance, fire detection, and third-party security features can be centrally operated, and integrated into a single, coherent solution through the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS).

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