Bosch Security Systems innovations on show at IFSEC 2014 in London

Screen Shot 2014-04-25 at 09.49.55Between the 17th and 19th June the latest security industry innovations will be on show at IFSEC International 2014 at the Excel Centre in London Docklands.

On stand F700, located in the South Hall, Bosch Security Systems will take visitors on a technology “journey” showcasing the latest innovations in the world of IP video technology.

Two important technologies that will be showcased are 4K ultra HD and starlight technology from Bosch. Both technologies support in delivering the highest quality of relevant IP video images anytime, anywhere.

4K ultra HD technology is enabling you to see every detail, everywhere. This unrivalled level of detail significantly enhances safety and security. Users benefit from superior identification capabilities while viewing live footage and when reviewing events, even when fast moving objects and challenging lighting conditions exist. The first product equipped with 4K ultra HD resolution will be DINION IP ultra 8000 MP that will be introduced during the IFSEC show. This product will be the first product available making 4K ultra HD relevant for IP video surveillance applications. It delivers incredible detail for wide-angle applications while reducing bitrates, network strain and storage costs.

In addition, Bosch will show its starlight HD and MP cameras, which capture video in dimlylit scenes where other cameras fail and provide color images when others switch to monochrome. Even at night, users benefit by seeing details such as color of clothing or vehicles, which aid in the identification of people and objects and can reduce costs associated with added illumination. After the introduction of the popular DINION IP and FLEXIDOME IP families of 720p fixed cameras, Bosch will introduce a five megapixel camera with starlight technology, the DINION IP starlight 8000 MP. All starlight cameras deliver superior light sensitivity, wide dynamic range, high resolution and the ability to capture fast moving objects, making them the ultimate 24/7 camera for IP video surveillance.

Following the expansion of the starlight family and taking into account the increasing demand for security and safety in extreme application areas, more and more cameras are being deployed in outdoor locations where they are at the mercy of nature and the elements. To ensure continuous operation in harsh conditions like rain, snow and fog to high wind gusts and significant vibration, Bosch Security will reveal its new MIC IP 7000 HD family consisting of a 1080p wide dynamic range and a 720p starlight version. The imaging performance of this new range of PTZ cameras will ensure optimum video surveillance in challenging conditions like harsh sun-light, low light or even in darkness.

Finally, experience the benefits of our Dynamic Transcoding technology. Limited bandwidth makes it impossible to stream HD video on mobile devices whereas Dynamic Transcoding delivers both smooth live video streaming and instant access to HD (1080p) images when needed. It, in combination with the Video Security app, also enables you to access your video streams anytime and control camera movements from anywhere with your mobile device or retrieve correct data instantly via forensic search. With Dynamic Transcoding we focus on 24/7 remote access and control.

Come to the Bosch stand and find out more about state-of-the-art video solutions.

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