Bosch launches price promotion on MIC550 PTZ camera



Bosch Security Systems has launched a new price promotion on its MIC550 series of ruggedized, high-speed pan-tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras as part of its commitment to providing the highest quality products at an affordable price.

For two months until the end of April 2012, installers will be able to buy the very latest MIC550* product – with its superior performance, camera block and menu structure – for the same price as a current MIC500 camera, says Paul Wong, UK Managing Director: “We recognise that installers like to buy Bosch because of the quality and reliability of its products,” he says, “and this is especially true of its MIC series cameras.

“By providing a short-term price promotion on our latest model, we hope to give a little back to existing users and perhaps introduce new and potential customers to the benefits of a higher-end technology that is proven in the field in hundreds of installations nationwide.”

The new MIC550 takes all of the benefits of previous MIC series cameras and improves upon them. Although visibly similar on the outside, it is what’s inside that counts Paul says: “The functionality of the new MIC550 is vastly superior to previous models, and in harnessing the latest camera block, it delivers a significantly improved performance in low light or sodium lighting environments.

“The OSD menu structure has also been updated to standardise with the current AutoDome VG5 menus,” he continues, “to bring a greater level of familiarity, simplicity and control to installers who have worked on existing Bosch camera systems or who may want to integrate their MIC with other Bosch technologies


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