Bosch installs PA system at EDF’s Power Station

A very high quality public address (PA) system from Bosch Security Systems that provides clear and audible messages in the event of an emergency has been installed at a power station in the East Midlands to help ensure the safety and security of all staff and visitors across the site.

EDF Energy’s Cottam Power Station is a coal-fired electricity generating station producing over 2,000MW of power, via four 500MW turbines, and located in Lincolnshire, East Midlands.

The Cottam Site Operational Safety Team decided that the existing emergency siren system should be replaced with a Voice Evacuation and Emergency Broadcast system. It needed to conform to the Voice Alarm standard BS5839 (Part 8), using 100-volt loudspeaker distribution for full site coverage. It also had to have emergency call stations with microphone access, and be able to relay various operational and emergency messages as required.

Nextronic, a specialist systems integrator for Bosch PAVA, systems was approached by the EDF Energy Project and Maintenance engineers, led by NeilBusby, to assess the requirements: “We needed an up-to-date voice alarm system that could alert staff in any emergency situation,” he says.

Nextronic was tasked with the design,supply and commissioning of the system, as well as assisting in the sound coverage, and loudspeaker location design as Andy Smith, Managing Director says: “The EDF site personnel had previous experience of the Bosch Praesideo Emergency Broadcast system,” he says, “and recognised the benefits in terms of ease of configuration, expandability, sound quality and reliability. They were therefore keen to use the Bosch technology again.”

“The Bosch Praesideo system has worked extremely well to date,” adds Neil. “Recently we had a situation where we needed to convey an important message to staff, and not only was it easy to use, but the audio clarity was very impressive.”

Overall the PA/VA system has a 17,500w audio amplifier capacity, and has over 100 supervised loudspeaker circuits. The system connects to around 600 weatherproof horn loudspeakers, 300 internal loudspeakers andover 100 xenon beacons, with the loudspeaker cable totaling 27km.

Praesideo is the world’s first fully digital public address and emergency sound system. With over 5,000 systems installed worldwide, it is the proven solution for essential public address and emergency voice evacuation needs.



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