Bosch extends “scrappage scheme” financial incentive for return of MIC300 Series cameras

Bosch MIC1 500

Bosch MIC 500 camera: upgrade to this as part of the scrappage scheme

Bosch Security Systems has extended and expanded the financial scheme aimed at encouraging the scrapping of MIC 300 CCTV cameras.

Dubbed the “scrappage scheme”, it was due to finish on December 31st 2010 but will now run until March 31st 2011. Until that date, customers returning old MIC 300 series cameras are eligible to receive a £500 financial incentive to upgrade to a new MIC model.

Users returning their MIC 300 Series cameras to Bosch Security will be eligible to use the £500 credit towards the price of a new MIC 500 Professional or MIC 400 series system, assuming the return is clearly a complete system and assessed as a genuine repair.

“Demand has been very high, but due to the current economic climate many customers asked us to extend the promotion to the end of the financial year. We are very happy to be able to do so,” explains Adam Breeze, strategic marketing manager for Bosch Security Systems.

“The MIC 300 Scrappage Scheme has proved to be an outstanding success. We have also extended the scheme so that customers can use the credit against the recently launched MIC 500 Series Professional.” Those looking to take advantage of the scrappage scheme should contact the Bosch Security Repairs and Returns Team.

Scrappage scheme
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