Boon Edam Announce they are BIM Ready!

boon edam BIM

boon edam BIMFollowing the successful launch of their Tourniket and Crystal Tourniket revolving door models earlier this year, Boon Edam Ltd have this month launched their second phase of BIM objects.

Working with The National BIM Library to create and host their range of BIM products, the most recent release from Boon Edam incorporates models of their security doors and pedestrian speed gate product ranges, and totals 18 BIM objects now available for download.

The Government has outlined that the use of BIM will be mandatory on all public sector projects from 2016 with the aim of streamlining the construction process and cutting project and carbon costs by using BIM to predict and reduce errors throughout the different stages of design.

Since the announcement of mandatory BIM projects from 2016 there has been an increasing pressure on architects and contractors to adopt BIM into their own design process. Statistics from the NBS National BIM Report 2014 revealed that over 50% of respondents who were aware of BIM are already actively using it for projects. With a huge 93% stating they plan to be using BIM by 2016. Therefore it was essential for Boon Edam to ensure their product range was made readily available as BIM, allowing architects and contractors easy access to relevant manufacturer objects for use in their BIM projects.

Boon Edam are focussed on their clients, and consistently work together with customers to ensure the correct products are specified at design stage for each individual project. A team of Specification Managers are on hand to work together with architects and contractors to ensure using Boon Edams objects in your BIM projects is a simple and smooth process.

All Boon Edam BIM objects are available now for download via their website and the National BIM library.

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