The book about the technology: “The Panomera Effect“

The book about the technology: “The Panomera® Effect“

The well-known Australian author, inventor and video surveillance technology expert Vlado Damjanovski has written a book about Panomera multifocal sensor technology.

In his book “The Panomera Effect: A new camera technology by Dallmeier” Vlado Damjanovski discusses, among other topics, the concept of the multifocal sensor technology and its advantages for installation. The book also deals with aspects such as depth of field, picture quality, low light and dynamic range.

“When I saw the Panomera concept for the first time it was of no surprise to me that such innovation came from Dallmeier. The underlying concept of the Panomera appears simple, yet the way in which it is executed, how the hardware is put together and how the software works, is very critical for the perfect results obtained. This stylish innovation could only have been achieved by a ground-breaking engineering company such as Dallmeier”, remembers Vlado Damjanovski. And he adds: “I was absolutely delighted to accept the invitation by Mr. Dieter Dallmeier to produce this booklet about the Panomera®. Having now written and published four large technical books about CCTV as well as producing CCTV technical magazines I feel well versed in being able to comment about this new camera system. When innovations such as the Panomera come about – they bring a dynamism to an industry where engineering concepts succeed into engineering product reality. The Panomera will open up new horizons in the ever evolving CCTV industry.”

The Panomera Effect book is available in English and German. You can order your personal copy on the Dallmeier website:

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