Bold Communications and RSI Videofied Integration

RSI Video Technologies has become one of the most successful product manufacturers in the alarm verification sector.  A completely wireless solution with a battery life of up to 4 years, 2 way audio and EN50131, Grade 2 accreditation, Videofied had been widely deployed and has an outstanding track record of detection.  Now, it can also be handled in any alarm receiving centre using the Bold Gemini software platform.

Bold have refined verification technology in the way they combine different elements of security technology.  Integration is not only about joining different products together but also in providing the right operator tools for effective response.  This means filtering and prioritising the alarm data and video, applying intelligence to this information and presenting it in a logical, easy to understand and manage format.

Bold Gemini delivers live and programmed data in a configurable and easy to use interface which takes the operator through the alarm handling process quickly and effectively.  The Gemini interface for RSI Videofied has been developed with seamless alarm handling and logging in a way which retains all of the product’s functionality.  The video verification product can now be handled at the same Gemini control room workstation as many other CCTV systems as well as intruder, fire and lone worker monitoring.

Gemini security monitoring platform features –

  • Multiple Remote CCTV systems
  • Multi-protocol fire and intruder alarms
  • Lone worker protection
  • Integrated on-line tracking module
  • Voice & SMS module
  • Scheduling interface
  • Client web access
  • Audio monitoring

Bold Communications MD, Brian Kelly, commented, “Videofied has been successful because it is a customer led product and RSI Video Technologies have excelled at meeting the needs of the monitoring sector.  This is also the way we think about our development at Bold and the continuing demand for Bold Gemini software is evidence that it is the right approach.”

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