Record in-car video and audio with BlackSys vehicle camera

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe BlackSys vehicle camera records everything a motorist sees and hears whilst driving. Fixed to a vehicle windscreen and powered from the cigarette jack like a Sat-Nav, BlackSys automatically records the driver’s view, as well as all audio data from inside the vehicle.

The BlackSys camera has wide dynamic range (WDR) functionality, producing high-quality, D1 resolution video images in even the most demanding lighting conditions, from bright sunshine through to almost total darkness. Its wide angle lens ensures the camera captures images that would also appear in the driver’s peripheral vision.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAUp to eight hours of video and audio data can be recorded onto a single, removable, 4Gb micro-SD card fitted in the camera. This can be played back on any Windows PC. A GPS option for BlackSys will also link driver speed, location and Google map details to the corresponding video.

A G-Sensor feature detects any jolt or bump in the car, automatically recording 10 seconds before and after the event. An emergency button on the driver’s side of the BlackSys, when pressed, does the same. All events are tagged and archived for quick retrieval.

At just 100mm tall, 58mm wide and 29mm deep, BlackSys is a compact camera providing irrefutable evidence of driving behaviour and accidents. Some insurers are already offering reduced premiums for drivers using in car cameras.

BlackSys is available exclusively through COP Security and was well-received at IFSEC 2013.

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