Biometric self-service boarding system trialled at Gatwick

mflow_cameraGatwick Airport has launched the world’s first trial of an automated self-service boarding system utilising a biometric solution.

The airport has deployed Human Recognition Systems’ (HRS) MFlow system, integrated with hardware from other specialist vendors, for use by passengers on selected flights in the North Terminal.

Passengers check-in at designated self-service bag drops, depositing their hold luggage and using unobtrusive iris recognition technology to enrol themselves biometrically.

The enrolment process takes place at security ticket presentation for those passengers travelling with only hand baggage.

The system then allows the enrolled passengers to go through automated self-service gates to board the aircraft through a combination of iris recognition and the presentation of a valid boarding card.

An association is made between the iris template and the boarding pass to confirm a passenger’s identity. This process ensures the trial system maintains full compliance with airport security regulations.

HRS claims the biometric boarding solutions can improve security, passenger experience and overall operational efficiency. Speed and ease of use have already been highlighted in positive feedback gained from passengers to date during the trial.

John Tonkiss, CEO at HRS said: “MFlow is already deployed in London Gatwick’s South Terminal for passenger identification and verification.

“This latest trial uses technology from the same proven platform but applies it to self-service, going a long way towards transforming the passenger experience.

“We are proud to be a core provider in this project which illustrates how self-service within the aviation space can be used to deliver an enhanced customer experience in addition to driving operational efficiencies.”

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