Biometric facial recognition software FaceFirst® integrates with Wavestore

Biometric facial recognition software FaceFirst®
Biometric facial recognition software FaceFirst®

Biometric facial recognition software FaceFirst®

The new technology partnership established between Wavestore and Airborne Biometrics Group, Inc. (ABG) brings an additional dimension to Wavestore’s ability to provide high performance video recording solutions, with the added functionality of facial recognition.

The innovative FaceFirst® biometric facial recognition software offers the police and military, as well as personnel responsible for security in business environments such as retail, with the ability to identify suspects, known  criminals, terrorists, illegal immigrants, shoplifters, VIPs and employees within seconds of them entering a specific area, allowing appropriate action to be taken.

Wavestore has welcomed the ability to distribute this powerful technology which, compared to the facial recognition software previously available offers dramatically improved identification accuracy.  Using 2D algorithms FaceFirst® able to perform over one million facial comparisons per second per server.

Chris Williams, Director of Wavestore said, “I am truly excited by the technology partnership we have established with ABG. Over the years I have seen facial recognition technology evolving and I am in no doubt that FaceFirst® which is scaleable depending on the size of the project, is the best on the market. ABG’s credibility in the market place has been substantially underlined by a contract to supply FaceFirst® to the US military, airports and casinos, and I am confident that there are a large number of projects which our two companies can successfully work on together.”

Using innovative compression and data transmission technology, ABG has also allowed FaceFirst® to be truly mobile, by using the add-on ‘Mobile Communications Module’ for images taken on mobile telephones, SD digital cameras and other smart devices, to send facial recognition match requests to be identified.

FaceFirst® supports an unlimited number of input and output devices e.g. mobile phones, desktop PCs and smart devices, etc.

“We are very pleased with the technology partnership between Airborne Biometrics Group and Wavestore,” commented Joe Rosenkrantz, CEO of Airborne Biometric Group, Inc., who  produce the FaceFirst Face Recognition Platform. “We are excited about the opportunity to integrate with one of the most powerful, flexible, and time-proven digital video recording platforms in the industry.”


About Airborne Biometrics Group, Inc.
FaceFirstTM provides a fully automated, user friendly, turnkey mobile and live-video surveillance facial recognition system which generates automated alerts whenever a face match above a user defined probability is reached. FaceFirst has a completely open and scalable, system architecture. FaceFirst technology excels in low resolution environments enabling real-world performance. Products and services: Facial recognition, Justice & Law Enforcement, Physical Access, Mobile Biometrics and Financial Transactional.

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